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Hi this is my first day. I'm not tall at 5'0. My weight is currently 13st 8 ..heaviest ever !! although I'm over 40 and have been losing the same 2 stone for a lifetime .....found day 1 reasonably ok little light headed in afternoon was glad to get home from work....bit concerned about tomorrow but hopefully okay and then plan to take it very easy at weekend to see me over the worst...according to what I read here days 3 & 4 can be the most difficult...after that it's looking 4ward to weigh in 1 ....I am already looking out for clothes in size 14 & 12 in shops as I have only been buying black clothes that cover everything these last few years ....weight has been very depressing for a while now so really motivated for LT ..I've never been on a VLCD /meal replacement before so prepared to give it my all ......any and all advice and encouragement would be greatly appreciated ...looking for buddy with similar weight loss or newbie to share ups & downs
thanks Ro.
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Hi Ro and welcome to the forum and aboard the lipotrim train!!:) plenty of advice support and encouragement on here and there is always someone hanging around if you just feel like a moan LOL use this forum as much as you can its a great tool to distract you when you feel tempted or having a tough time!!! drink as much water as you can shakes are trial and error you will get to know how to make them to your taste! adding coffee, ice or peppermint etc etc days 3-4 are rough but if you can make your first week you can do it to goal!! good luck with your first week and don't forget to post your losses x:)x


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welcome and good luck:)


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Welcome Ro, plenty of friendly advice & support here.

Cupla fellow Paddies too :D
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welcome justdoit-ro I have only been on here a few days and I have to say everyone seems to be really helpful.Good luck and we are all here to support you. :)


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good luck,i started on monday,is does get easier xxx


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Hi Justdoit.. I have been reading the boards for a little while now. Am both excited and nervous about starting. Had to delay until I get back from London as have a friend visiting from Africa and haven't seen her for years, so making the trip up for the day.

Went to the chemist today to see if I my medical form was 'approved' and Bev the assistant there seems suportive and nice so far, so that is good. Going in next week for my sachets and my weigh in. Don't even know how much I weigh at the moment, hopefully it is still around the 16st mark.

Think I'll have to buy a tape measure over the weekend as I like the idea of knowing how many inches smaller I'm getting and Bev (at the chemist) only does a weigh in.

Can I ask, do the chemists advise on 'weight goal'?



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Not really it's up to you but they will make you stop when you get to a healthy bmi and weight. No slipping weights in your pockets to get an extra couple of weeks on it,lol


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Hiya and welcome aboard Ro!!

Every one here is willing to share your ups and downs with you!!!

Stick with the diet and this is the start of a brand new life for yourself :D xxxx


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Hiya and welcome on the lipotrain lol, i started 3 days ago, im quite short and overweight i wear a size 16 at the moment and even they are tight on me, most of my clothes are a 12/14 so really wanna get back into them. I weigh 175lbs currently and have tried everydiet going but i feel very positive about this one as this forums full of amazing ppl and real results, good luck, add me if you like xx


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Welcome Ro! Good luck on your journey:)


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Hi there. I started on Wednesday and like many others I want it to be the LAST time I have to do something like this. I found the flapjack to be like chewing on coconut matting only not as nice. It really is THE most disgusting thing I have EVER tasted!! Thankfully I don't mind the Vanilla shake too much and the chicken soup isn't too too bad.

It's nice to know others are doing it too and are having similar experiences, good luck !!!!


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good luck!