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New member of Slimming World

Hello, my name is Gabrielle and i joined SW 3 weeks ago but to be honest the first week i couldnt get my head around the programme at all and was using WW for the week and i lost 3.5 lbs. Anyway.....i didnt go back to class since but my lovely leader Fiona has phoned me and text me and emailed me with encouragement to come back so i have decided i am going back on Friday morning where she is going to explain it to me.

I have been trying to do the EE plan since Monday and i think i am doing ok even though i dont understand the red days yet but hopefully on Friday i will understand the programme more. I have heard great things about SW and i am hoping it will work for me as i have a lot to lose. I was 17.9.5 joining and am now 17.6.5. I am going to post what i had to eat since monday, any feedback would be welcome. xxxx

Monday EE
28g porridge 1 HE B
Milk 1 HE A

2 Slices of wholmeal bread from a 400g sliced pan
Scraping of low low 2 syns
Tesco Hot and spicy chicken breast
Tin of sardines

Chilli con carne made with lean mince, bachelors chilli con carne sauce, carrots, tin of tomatoes, oxo and boiled white rice.
Fruit Salad

Tuesday EE
3 Syn free sausages
Egg fried in spray oil
Grilled tomato and mushroom
Milk allowance 1 HE A

2 slices of wholemeal from 400g pan 1 HE B
Scraping of low low 2 syns
Chicken breast with Cherry Tomatoes
Small tin of baked beans

Beef Stew made with lean beef, veg, Potatoes, oxo
Bisto gravy to thicken 3 syns
Mullerlite cherry yogurt


3 turkey rashers
fried egg with spray oil and small Tin of baked beans
Milk HE A

Boiled egg, cucumber, chiken, syn free cottage cheese and cherry tomatoes
2 slices wholemeal bread from 400g pan 1 HE B
Scraping of low low spread 2 syns
Mullerlight Yogurt

Syn free sausages
Small tin of beans
Fried egg in spray oil
SW Chips

Thats it so far, my biggest problem in the past has been bread so if i can limit that then i think i will be able to crack this :)
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Hi there

I was an old WW too -before I decided to give SW a whirl -and I LOVE it...

Can I just say that you don't seem to be having your 1/3 of super free foods that you need to have when doing EE,,, would hate for it to hold you back,,,
Good luck with it -Im sure you will be fine once you get back to class...
hi gabrielle wellcome to minimins u will soon get the hang of it there is a thread on here for newcomers have a read of it (if u havent already) it will make s/w a bit easier to understand does take a while to get ur head round it, good luck on ur weight loss journey :)
Thank you Valerie11, I am trying to navigate my way around the site, im sure i will get used to it. I cannot believe the amount of food allowed on SW, i had this thing in my head that i had to go to bed feeling a little hungry for me to lose weight, so far i have been full going to bed! time will tell. :)
not sure how to link it so have bumped it instead if u go to quick links / todays posts u should see it come up :) (hopefully lol)

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