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Hi, im angelxx,
im feeling very hungry as i am on day 2 of the lighter life programme, is this normal i have drunk my 4lts of water and had 2 of my packs , how sad do i sound, i keep having a little person with a big voice saying just eat a little!!! :angeldevil:i hope this gets better, i have to say the foodpacks don't taste as good as slimfast, for some reason i was expecting them to taste similar how wrong i was!:help2:
i am aiming to loose 4 stone to acheive 11stone target as i am just short of 6 ft, is anyone in a similar situation?
my daughter now want's me to make cookies with her, how wonderfull life is when your big!!:p
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Hi Angelxx, it does get easier honest!! Lots of black coffee and tea often helps, and keep glugging the water. Good luck cooking with your daughter ;)


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Hi Angel

As DQ said it does get easier, soon you won't be hungry at all, you just need to get over this little hurdle first.

If you think you're in danger of picking at food in the next couple of days just come in here instead - that'll soon give you the inspiration not to eat.

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Hello and Welcome!!
Well done for getting to day 2. Believe me it is a great achievment. Your hunger pangs will soon dissappear when you get in to the state of ketosis. It is usually between day 3 and 5.
Just hang in there and avoid temptation. Have an early night and just get through the next 2 days. Keep posting on here as you will get loads of great advice and help.
Lots of slimming luck hun.


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:wavey: Hi Angelxx welcome to Minimins :)

The hunger does fade after the first few days. The foodpacks aren't the nicest things in the world but you get used to them after time.

You're doing really well, the first few days were really hard for me.

Good luck :)
Hi angel, I started LL on Thursday, I had a awful day yesterday with headaches and a achey feeling, I do feel a bit better today so I can see an improvement.
When things get hard I think to myself it has taken years to put this weight on, so take each day at a time and it will come off.;)
Hi Angel

I know it seems a bit unbelievable at the minute that it gets better but it really does. I had a rough start because like you i was starving and this wasn't helped by the fact that i hated every flavour of the packs - i mean to the point of retching. I also have Irritable bowel and had runs for a few weeks. It took me over a week to realise i could stomach the chocolate pack cold and thats what i have had since.
I'm on day 50 today and i've lost 2 stone so far. I don't like bars either so it's cold choc all the way! but i have to say it's soooo easy now, ok i still think god i just eat.... but i can honestly say it's not really a struggle!
Keep going and come next week after your first weigh in there will be no looking back!
Good luck
Christina x
Hi Angel and Welcome,:wavey:

I am almost at the end of week 2 and it has got easier. I have also cooked some of the packs to make muffins and crisps. Makes a nice change to smoothies and soups.

Good Luck and let us know how you are getting on.


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Welcome to the board :clap: make yorself at home any probs there are loads of people who give good advice good luck on your journey ive been on cd 2 weeks and lost 19 lbs couldnt do it on any other diet xxxxxxxxxx
How you doing Angel? I go tomorrow so start proper on Thurs so watching new peoples progress with interest! Hope you're finding it a bit easier & am sure I'll have the same problems as you with little voices!!


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Hi Angel, I have just completed my first week on LL. At first I was hungry "all" the time and v v sleepy. Just take one day at a time and keep going. U will b v suprised wit yr 1st week weigh in. I lost 7ib. Once u done that it keeps u going. I can honestly say I am not one little bit hungry. It passes after a few days the cravings just disapear.
Hi Angel, Im on day 5 and feeling much better, I cannot believe that I dont actually feel hungary, Im just over the 21st mark, and to think a week ago I was putting anything and everything in my mouth.Its the first time in 15 years that Im not actually thinking of when will the next meal be.My first weigh in on Thursday and I cant wait
Hi Angel,

I can only repeat what the others have said, it does get easier, hang in there! However, at close to six foot, you may need more water, at least that's what my LLC is always telling us about taller people.

and thanks for all of your support:grouphugg: , it's great knowing im not the only person on these packets!i had backache this morning and decided to take a couple of paracetomol, before i knew it i had put a glass of milk in my mouth!! i realised straight away and dispelled of it down the sink through gritted teeth, to try and keep hold of my tablets i hope this doesent mean i have to go through the 3 day feeling again? i did not swallow any though , it is bad what you just go to do without thinking!!day 5 and im feeling tired i walked over 5 miles today in two stints but i felt i had moon boots on!! everything is much more of an effort!!

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