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New member :)

Hi, I found this site whilst browsing for a slimming world recipe and thought I would join. I'm 36 and am on the slimming world diet with an end goal of loosing 2 1/2 stone. I put on weight after a back injury and now have the task of loosing it!! I'm finding dog walking early each morning is a helpful addition that makes me feel energised and spurs me on ... Have started attempting running with the aid of an iPod application that helps you run a little at a time to build up to a mile :) gone from running 45 seconds now to two minutes lol !! Hopefully this site will be further help to keep me motivated!! Xx
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Hi Harleyboo..
I've rejoined SW recently after putting on weight due to back problem. Used to be really sporty but have "wear and tear" on 2 of my lower discs so on medical advice had give up the running, hockey, basketball etc. Felt quite sorry for myself and just ate everything in site! Now back doing light exercise in the gym, walking, swimming etc and im not far off my goal now.
Good luck with your weight loss. x
Hi Bluemoonbeam, yep.. I know the feeling!! I gave up my gym membership very reluctantly too as everything I did aggravated and left me in pain for days afterwards! Gradually over the course of a year I've put on weight :/ which has made me feel old and passed it lol !! However , I went back to physio and saw a new lady who has been fantastic and things have greatly improved and I can do more physical exercise - like you, walking am plucking up the courage to but a swim suit ... I've got as far as finding one I like - if I actually buy it , it means I will have to go swimming aaaagh!! Lol i figure that even though I miss the gym any exercise is going to be beneficial so I make sure I walk/ run every day. Hope your back strengthens in time x
The iPod programme is called prt personal running trainer : recommended daily beginners running programme that helps boost your stamina slowly at your own pace :) well worth it !!
Hi Harleyboo. I'm sure you're going to do just great with Slimming World. I've had so many people recommend it to me, all with wonderful stories of losing a few pounds to huge amounts of weight. Good luck on your weight loss journey.
Thanx Mitzi :) I'm in the mindset now and making sure if I do lapse and munch on something I shouldn't I counteract it with exercise.... And I can assure you the threat of that is enough to put me off that chocolate bar! Lol x

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