Starting out again!!


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I just wanted to introduce myself to the group, I have used this site before and found it really helpful.
A little bit about me, I've struggled with my weight since I was about 20 (I'm 35 now) and I'm currently about 3 stone over my ideal weight.
I have done slimming world in the past after my daughter was born and lost 2 stone quite easily, I felt fantastic when I reached target but then I made the mistake of stopping going to classes and the weight has slowly piled on over the past 3 years.
Since then I have tried low fat, low carb, high protein, juicing and fasting!! Nothing has worked and I just can't seem to stick to anything. My diet is all over the place and I'm just feeling so fat and uncomfortable!!
Today I made muffins for the school bake sale tomorrow and ended up eating 7 of them literally as soon as they came out of the oven!
I've decided now that enough is enough, I've downloaded my fitness pal and I'm going to start tracking my calories to see how much I'm actually consuming! I feel that I've hit a bit of a low and truly feel pretty disgusted with myself for my lack of self control.
I'm not going to put too much pressure on myself but my goal next week is going to be to track my calories for an entire week and cut out snacks. If that goes well, I will start to build it up with a diet and exercise plan to shift this weight.
Does anyone have any advice about which diet they would recommend that is easy to stick to and healthy?
Many thanks for reading, wish me luck!!! X
Hi Jaybee. I'm new here - doing Slimming World again and have quite a bit to go before getting to my ideal weight - former SW woman of the year but put it all back on again and now want to get back on the horse, so to speak. I've done Whole 30 in the past which is Paleo based and worked wonders but was really strict and hard to stick with - it was impossible to go out anywhere and keep to plan. I've just ordered a fitness tracker watch-type thing so hope that will help keep me on track of my fitness too - or at least keep me away from the kitchen cupboards for a while. Just want to say, don't beat yourself up over giving in to temptations in the past - we all do - but the past is a different country so from here on out is all that matters now. Good luck with it all :) x

I was just wondering, having reached your target in the past, do you have a free pass now to any slimming world class or how does that work?