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New pics

Tonight I have my Weigh in - wish me luck. Only 6 days since I started back, but hopeful of a few pounds off - although funny,
I don't feel any different. Fingers crossed
Hopefully I'll see BL. I've missed her lately.

I forgot to ask OH to take a photo of me "before" so he did this morning before I went to work. I've just put them in my albums - see my latest bargain!!
Wish me luck:confused:
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Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Good luck at your weigh in!! Got my fingers crossed for ya' too! Not that you'll need it! ;)



Strong women stay slim
Hi SB, are you back on LL ?
Yes BL, not seen her on for a long time either , let us know how weigh inn goes .
Happy new year !
I'm back !

Hello Ms JMC
Long time no see :cool:
7lbs off - hurrah :happy036:
Yes, I've just gone on the packs for a few weeks. I've been just at the top of my comfort zone since the autumn and have managed to slip on 5lbs over Christmas and New Year.
I decided enough was enough. I couldn't bear the thought of the weight gradually creeping back on.
I want to be happy in my summery clothes when the nice weather comes, so it seemed a good time to have an after Christmas detox on packs for a few weeks.
BL is doing the same.
I saw her tonight looking lovely in black and a bright red coat, like Little Red Riding Hood.
We both go to Maintenance group most weeks.
BL isn't posting so much at the moment due to lack of computer, but she hasn't gone away.
How are you doing? xx
well done, 7lbs is fab!


Playing the Angel
SB that is a brilliant result!! Hoping I get a good one tomorrow at my WI..... Funny how easy it is to get back into the LL lifestyle ?? You and I seem to be doing packs again for a little for exactly the same reasons, bring on summer and the skimpy dresses!!!

When you next see BL please send her my love, I sent her a text last week but have had no response, so let her know I am thinking of her and keeping her in my thoughts.


Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
SB... 7lb's?! Woohoooo!! :clap:

Well done ladies!! Absolutely fabulous!


Strong women stay slim
Thanks for the update , and nipping it in the bud your gain before it becomes a big gain .7 off , wow half a stone !
didn't know you both went to group together , wow you leatn something new everyday , you both did well .
Keep us posted ....


Silver Member
Don't worry as I said on your visitor board, you are the best maintainer I know - you have done very , very well and you will get rid of those few extra pounds in no time. I suppose the biggest difference in both of us compared with our fat days is that when a few pounds have crept on we haven't buried our heads in the sand, rather have taken ourselves in hand and taken decisive action to deal with it (Jez too by the look - hello my darling girl I am very sorry to have been awol so long!).
Keep up the good work gorgeous.
Thank hun, lovely to have you back.
You ain't done so bad yourself!

We should all be proud -very proud. I think it's so important to us and has made such a difference to our lives - never going there again.

As you say Jez is doing the same. Gone for her WI as we speak I think. Look forward to seeing how she's done.
BL is back in the zone too after a really tough time last year. She's one strong lady and I love her.
Most of the time I am proud of my achievement, but I still get some days when I feel like a house. Just proves it's all in the head.
I don't suppose that will ever change.


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You are right SB, I don't think that will change. It is only now that I look back at pictures of myself last summer that it finally dawns on me that I was actually thin! I wouldn't describe myself as fat now, but I am a long way from thin! Maybe if I had realised that I really had hit my goal last summer I would have maintained a little better, I was conscious of 'testing' my weight with naughty food to see what I could get away with - not much it seems! lol :)

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