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new please help

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some people dont get side affects ( generally as long as you stick to the fat gram rule you shouldnt suffer from them)

dont know much about slimming world but you do have to watch your fat intake with the tablets
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hi and good luck with the tablets!! The only time you get the side effects is if you have something with too much fat in, other wise there i no problem at all...You could probably work it with slimming world once you make sure everything you have is low fat. I think i have seen a few others doing this and slimming world, not sure if its easy or not!! My own opinion would be to stick to low fat at least you know what you are doing then!! Hope this helps :)
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Hello ladies and thank you,

I'm only on my 2nd day but have only been having two big meals as yday i had breakfast b4 getting the tablets and today i ad a house viewing so i got up late and had breakfast!
I have had no issues yet but i can honestly say i have watched every fat intake i've had! I'm guessing the horror stories come from eating greasy foods so im avoiding them at all costs?

How long have u's been on this for? Have u ever been off and kept the weight off, just i dnt wanna stop taking them and put it all back on! haha Any tips on how to get the best possible results?x x x
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Hiya shelly. i have been on xen since 21st nov last year and lost one stone..you may see many posts on here saying people have lost 7lb plus in a week just remember they have more to loose that you. (pls dont anyone be offended) to loose 1 to 2 lbs a week is a good weight loss when your close ish to your goal.
You dont have to have anything greasy to get side effects just eating to many grams of fat per 100gs will do it.or going over your 45g a day.
if you stick to the no more than 5g of fat per 100g you should nt get side effects.
Im not sure about mixing it with slimming world. im sure someone who does that will be alot soon.
but you really do have to count every ounce of fat that goes past your lips.
Hope this helps chick.!!
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Hello Ababe!

I am getting my head round to that fact too, aghhhh i dnt get it still but basically am i right in thinking, so if i have my breakfast, dinner and tea keep it within 15g's?
Then if i have any snacks make sure it's 5g per 100g hahaha i have no even looked at the fat intake today but i've only had a bagle and some soft cheese on it!

Does it stop you feeling hungry too this, as i seem to be not feeling as bad as i usually do! Or maybe thats my mind playing tricks! haha x x
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it does nt matter if you have 10g for breakfast and 20g for dinner and then 15g for tea.its up to you how you use your 45g of fat a day.
since i have been on xen i have nt been hungry. i could nt carry on if i was hungry all the time.. sometimes i only have 19g of fat a day other times more at weekends when hub is home in the evenings i have 40g. the thing is you have to re programme your self and just think fat in take and read all your labels..write it all down what you have..soon you will know what has high fat what has nt..once you start looking at labels you will be as shocked a hell.lol..your ll think omg i cant have anything lol..
S: 332.5lb C: 313.5lb G: 196lb BMI: 49.1 Loss: 19lb(5.71%)
I have been surprised at what i can have on this, i thought i would be more limited than i am!! Once any food item you have has no more than 5g of fat per 100g you will be fine!! Good luck!! I have lost 19lb in 3 weeks but like autumn said i have alot more weight to lose!! ( i wasnt offended by that by the way autumn!!)
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sallouise said:
welcome aboard and good luck :D
Thank you chick, i am on day 2 and im doing ok so far i think looking at all my fat intake in everything. I'll be honest im struggling get my 45 a day i feel so full i can't fit out else in. But am i counting drinks in the 45.

Is anyone else getting moaned at for being on these? I've got people telling me oh do you.know the side effects? Like honestly has anyone suffered the toilet issue and how long.waz you.on the tablets before it happens? Xx
S: 332.5lb C: 313.5lb G: 196lb BMI: 49.1 Loss: 19lb(5.71%)
I havent told anyone i am on them apart from my best friend and my husband, they have given me nothing but encouragement.. I think your best taking these as they are prescribed by a doctor than anything else!! You dont have to get up to the 45g, once you dont go over it, everythings ok!! I have only had the side effects if i have eaten something i shouldnt of :eek: but never been too bad either!!
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like rach i haven't told anyone apart from my mum and my best friend and they are being very encouraging about it.

like rach said you dont need to reach the 45g a day as long as you dont go over it. most days i only eat about 19-25g of fat a day.

i was on the tablets about 4 years ago and didnt stick to the 45g rule (tut tut tut) and did suffer badly with effect. but as long as you stick to the low fat diet and dont go over the 45g per day you should be ok :)


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Hi Shelly and welcome!!

To your last question, it varies from person how long after eating anything over the 5g/100g limit your body reacts, some people it is hours, some a lot longer. It is the not knowing with me that keeps me on the straight and narrow, especially when I'm at work!

How you finding reading the food labels so far? Surprised at what you can/can't eat?!
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Awh thank you everyone, i only told a few friends but it was a girl who is a pain in the bum who was like ooooo im a nurse and my friend had a awful accident while out eating and bla bla bla... Then she was like what you gonna do if ur at work and that happens and i was like well im sure if u eat over 45g a day ur gonna have a accident and she was like if ur sticking to 45g anyway why be on the tablets! I actually wanted strangle her at this point may i add hahaha.

Im finding reading lables ok u know, i am shocked at how much i seem to be able eat! Day 3 today :) but im only on 2 tablets a day as i dnt eat breakfast until dinner i love lie ins!

Does anyone go dead warm like 30mins after taking a tablet i keep doing it's weird! haha x x
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lol.not noticed going warm.. i have nt had any side effects at all.but like everyone said you dont have to have the whole 45g of fat, as long as your having some for the xen to work.
There are nt many people i have told tbh that im on them.
hey sal if you were on them for 4 years even without staying in the 45gs. did you still lose weight.?
S: 27st0lb C: 21st0lb BMI: 48.9 Loss: 6st0lb(22.22%)
i was on them 4 years ago but only for a about 6 weeks as didn't like the side effects. didn't really understand about all the fat intake rules and reading labels. (the Dr who put me on them explained nothing and didnt have internet then) i did lose a little but like i said couldn't handle the effects. this time i am determined and glad i have found this forum as gives me more encouragement
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Hiya Shelley...welcome aboard

Everyone's body reacts differently and some people don't realise the fat content in things hence why some have toilet side affects !! (too much fat...toilet beckons)
How are you doing ? There are so many foods you can eat you will be pleasantly surprised.....as mentioned before stick to the 5g rule!!
I am new to Xenical and have been on it since Tuesday.....I was on alli for a month before.....

Make sure you drink plenty of water

Goodluck :)
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Hello Passiflora,

U know im finding it ok, had one thing out of the minging side effects happen to me, OIL thats all i'll say as its minging but so far so good to be honest. I loveeeeeeeeeeee it! hahaha

I think i love the fact i feel so full by the time i eat my tea, i dnt think ill up to having 3 tablets as i like the fact i have breakfast then dinner have a tablet and that takes me to my tea and im stuggling eat it all and i dnt make massive plate fulls! all i had tonight was grilled chicken breast, jacket and peas and i left half of it all.

How u doing on it? x x

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