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New Regime - Stone by Xmas - It is possible

Ok, 1st by Xmas is a bit of a huge goal, but come on.. i have tos tart somewhere, and if i put my mind to it, i could almost do it.

So here goes.. I will be updating daily :)

Im doing EE

Breakfast -
Porridge (HE-B)

(0/15 syns)

Crumbed ham - 3 slices
Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, beetroot
Raspberries in Jelly (5 syns)

(5/15 syns)
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Ok dinner consisted of ...

then... Tomato pasatta
Chicken with lots of spices put on it
canelli beans
all put in a pot, and simmered with a dash of white wine for extra flavour..
so im thinking it was 0 syns

Then i went a bit mad after...

Skinny cow chocolate drink - 2 syns

3 biscuits - they were mc vities victoria fingers, so im goign to point them the same as cadburys - 4.5

wine gums (about 8-10 i had) at (.5synsx2) - 2.5 syns

(9 syns in total)

So thats a total of 14/15 .. thank god. i thought i went over..
Breakfast today -
Porridge HEB

0 syns

left overs from dinner yday, Viv's spag mess (0 syns)
apple and pear jelly (.5 syns)

- ive yet to decide
Hey im back after a good weekend.. sorta

Saturday Consisted of
2 weetabix and skimmed milk (HEA&B)
Home made veg soup
Bagel (11)
Ham, lettuce, tomato
Extra light mayo (1tsp) - 1 syn
Scone, jam, butter - 13 syns
1 glass of wine - 5syns?

Way over syns aaahhh - 30

2 weetabix and milk (HEA & HEB)

penguin bar 5.5syns
Pasta Arriabata 1?
Caesar Salad -4?
2 glass of wine - 10syns

Syns 20.5

My god, wknd wasnt as good as i thought, but hey ho.. Its monday again and ill start again!
Monday -

Porridge (HEB)



Curly kale
Loin of Bacon

Skips crisps - 5syns

Snack afternoon -

Spag Bol - home made (0)

Total syns consumed or planned to consume (5 syns) :)
Ended up not havin slag Bol

Had, home made veg soup 0 syns

Cocopops 5.5 syns

Small nibble apple tart 4 syns

9.5 sums for dinner

Oh and then half cup skinny cow 1 syn
Breakie porridge Heb

Coffee hea

Apple, banana, melon

Dinner lettuce tomato cucumber bacon onion

Suns used 0

Planning for dinner

Veg Soup etc. Not quite sure yet!
Dinner last night was veg soup with potato 0syns
then it began again... 3 biscuits and a slice of apple tart and skinny cow choc drink.. so there goes my 15syns..
But i managed a swim, but was chatting too much in teh pool so only managed 10 lengths! suppose better than nothing!

Today's menu is the following :

Porridge, Banana
Snack Morning - Melon
Dinner - Spag bol ( i finally made it - think its syn free), Muller light
Snack afternoon - Apple
Tea - Home made veg soup, potato,

Wont get to excercise tonight , but might manage some kettlebells before i go to bed.
Thursdays diary-
Breakfast - banana, porridge
Lunch - spag bol
snack - melon, apple,
dinner - 1/2 slice toast with butter, bowl home made veg soup, 2 jaffa cakes, slice apple tart, 8 fruit pastilles

Breakfast - Porridge, banana
Lunch - curry sauce, rice, 3 chicken goujans ???syns
snacks - apple, mullerlight, melon, Special K Mini Breaks – 1.5 points, jelly tots 2

... Havent decided lunch today yet :)
But im swayed towards beans and baked potato!
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