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new - scared and wanting to start


I am a mum of 2 little ones and need to lose 3 stone. I have put on about 2 stone in the last 18 months mainly because I have felt v v depressed. this is probably because i have a v busy job and sometimes struggle to find any balance in my life. I have tried many diets and am pretty desperate as i am heavier than i have ever been and unless i do soemthing now i feel i will becoem overwhelmed by depression.

i am stuck in a vicious cycle of eating, getting fat, feeling depressed and eating. i cannot see any way out of how i feel and have even begun waking up in the middle of the night feeling low. i have contacted a local CDC but have not really had a response - can i just order the food and begin the diet as i feel like i just want to start.

my idea is to lose a couple of stone and get to where i feel ok and then incorporate soem food and exercise. hubby isn't convinced about it all but i am and want to get going.

i don't think i can ever feel good about myself again and cannot see me losing anything, but that is typical of me - despite being a high achiever in ever way i always berate myself. is there anyone out there who can encourager me and and convince me that i can go from 13stone to 11. how long do you think it will take and do you have any suggestions for a fast track way of getting hold of CDC.

sorry - i know this is long, but i need some help and have been lurking for a few days now.
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Welcome, you'll lose 3 stone in no time, probably by Christmas. it does work, and you introduce food slowly with the help of the CDC. If she doesn't get back to you, chase her! You'll find load of support here and the inspirational slide show is a must.
Good luck and as the weight comes off the depression will start to lift, and your doubtful husband will appreciate you more, mine does!
Hopefully there are a few CDC's in your area, find out from the cambridge website, if one doesn't get back to you chase her or go to another one. You can easily lose 3 stone by Christmas on this diet (avg is 1 stone per month). I've lost 50lbs since 11/6 so it's definitely achievable this diet is very hard at times BUT the rewards are so great and your self esteem will be boosted so much that it's definitely worth it. Just keep coming on here for inspiration when you're struggling, good luck in finding your CDC and making contact and then off you go! you've got nothing to lose (except that weight and any negative feelings you have!).. x
i am very similar to yourself, my doubts and my eating habits, however, i wish i had found this diet earlier i does work 1 stone 8 off in the first month good luck x


Back on the wagon
Hiya Leeds,
I'm guessing your in Leeds by your name? Where abouts are you? I have a wonderful CDC so could give you her number?
I have about 3 stone to go to get to a final weight I will be happy with and am slowly getting there. You have come to the right place for quick weight loss. With the help of us & your CDC, your hubby will see you are doing the right thing (mine is loving it & he's not doing it! He just loves the results ;-)

PM me if you want my cdc's number or a chat

Hi and welcome to minimins!

This diet is great (when you dont cheat on it lol) and i lost 15lbs the first month! You could have 3 stone off in no time at all and when you see the inches come off its worth it and you change ph6ysically quite quickly and ive never felt better on cambridge. Youl have plently of energy on it and will be able t run around after your 2 kids no problems :)
hi kippaxmum

I am based in bradford (used to be in leeds) - will your CDC be willing to see me?

thanks for all the great replies everyone!


Trying to stay healthy!
Hi Leeds, welcome to the site, it's soo fab here, everyone is sooo supportive and has really kept me going, i had 2 weigh in and lost 11lbs already it was sooo quick i couldn't believe it!! Before i started i read loads of posts on here and the advice was to start preparing by lowering carb intake and drinking loads of water, it certainly helped me with the first few days when i started CD.
Good luck, i hope you get on your way soon!

Hi Leeds123 - I am on day 7 and I am like you I need to lose about 3.5 stone. my starting weight was 13.3. I have my first weigh in tonight but I am sure I have lost loads!!
I have 3 young kids and I was in the same vicious circle as you. Chase your CDC and give it a go... You will see things change very quickly... keep coming back to this site as there is soo much support on here


Back on the wagon
hi kippaxmum

I am based in bradford (used to be in leeds) - will your CDC be willing to see me?

thanks for all the great replies everyone!
Do you drive? She is in Tingley (literally 2 minutes off the white rose junction of the M62) If you want, I can give you her details??
Where abouts in Bradford are you?
yes please - give me her details and i will contact her.

pretika - wow we are in the same position,. pls let me know how you get on as it will really spur me on!

take care


Totally Focused
Welcome! Once you get started and see the weight falling off, that will be all the spur you need.

I started at the end of January and have now lost 8stone 2lbs! (And that was with some stupidity on my part during August when I lost sight of what I was doing and put some back on!) I too thought I would never feel good about myself again - but I do! I've still got over 4 stone to go, and I know that when I get there, I'll probably think I look awful now - but I know how far I've come and how much better I look - have a look at my profile album to see the difference.

If I can do it, so can you!

All the best with your weight loss journey. Keep coming back on here - there's so much support and encouragement always. It'll help to keep you going.


Back on the wagon
yes please - give me her details and i will contact her.

pretika - wow we are in the same position,. pls let me know how you get on as it will really spur me on!

take care
I can't put her details on here but if you email me now on [email protected] I will gladly give you her name & number hun.

Good luck
Hi leeds123 Got my first weigh in tonight - will def let you know how I do... Give it a go we will all support you - believe me whatever you are feeling there is always someone on here that has felt the same..
thanks for all the messages - believe it or not it means a lot to hear from you all as I am v scared about it all. I think its because anyone i speak to about it thinks its a liquid diet, and whilst it is that in essence the nutrients are there.

Am i right in thinking that the metabolism does not slow down because it is still processing all the vitamins and proteins it is getting?

anyway, i know this sounds weird but thinking about starting this feels really exciting. like i've discovered a secret and soon i will be rid of all my self loathing. its v weird and i have done diets before but never felt excited. i am scared too as I know its gonna be hard but.

again, thank you for all your encouragement. I need to keep chasing my CDC - she has finally emailed me. I wanna get started soon and feel good about life. I cannot let another year pass without me living it to the full. Its my 10th wedding anniversary this year and time i began enjoying my life, kids and hubby. hopefully i'll pluck up the courage to post again when i start and let you know how i get on.

I didn't expect a response as people I have actually spoken to about it are so disparaging. i know where to come for help now!
I always say to people who say it's only a liquid diet, that it's like astronauts .... they don't eat food in space - they have capsules with everything they need vitamin/mineral wise - same for cambridge except ours is in powder!

Come on here for as much help as you need!
Hi Leeds,

I'm on lipotrim which is similar to Cambridge, both are brilliant. Lots of people are very negative about this type of diet but they suit loads of people and if you have been lurking around the forums you will see the losses that can be achieved.

Good luck with it and if you have any questions/need to share the 'pain' post on here the Cambridge people are a really lovely bunch and you will get loads of support. I'm always having a nosey on here and have picked up loads of tips x

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