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New shape delights

only by going on the 20 cal = 1syn rule then id say 5.5 syns. they look really good:)
Definitely recommend !! YUM!
:)mmmmm i bought some earlier the chocolate ones are lush defo worth the 5.5 syns
Just popped in Sainsbury's they have 4 for £1.50.
They do 3 flavours, Chocolate, White Chocolate and Caramel.
I got the caramel as i thought they maybe like a brulee.
I will let you all know when i try them.

Miss Mango

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I want to try the white one, I LOVE white choccy! :D
Flippin eck 5.5 syns, I can have a good glass of wine for that:D

They look so yummy on tv & I was going to get some but not too sure now.

teresa32uk Alpro do a caramel desert which tastes yummy, I've not had it for ages so not too sure of the syns, they also do a vanilla desert which tastes just like custard. These aren't in the chiller & usually with the 'gluten' free stuff. ;)
i saw these advertised on tv earlier and wondered what they were like going to have to try them they sound yummy :)


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Someone brought these into group for us to try (after being shocked at 5.5 syns each and decided they weren't worth it!) I liked the chocolate - wasn't fussed about the caramel but had no idea they did a white chocolate one! I LOVE white choc so may have to pop into Tesco on way home from work!
went to tesco and got pack of the caramel ones loved it used really small spoon and ate it very slowly so i could savour every mouthfull lol def be buying again want to try the white choc ones next :)
ooooh dear sounds like the sort of thing i do lol :)
i've only seen the packs of four i tried the white choc but didnt like them have still got 3 in the fridge they have been there 2 weeks thats unheard of for me lol :)

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