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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Leasa_x, 17 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Leasa_x

    Leasa_x Member

    Hi guys. New on this site and just wanting to say hello. Going to get back on the dieting wagon and have decided to go with slimming world, have my first meeting tomorrow and not knowing what to expect?
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  3. peppop

    peppop Full Member

    Good luck. I'm doing slimming world too. So easy to follow.
  4. Leasa_x

    Leasa_x Member

    Is it really. People close to me have said it's really hard to follow but seems easy enough to me.. Just the lunch will be the hardest thing for me to follow. Looking forward to my meeting tomorrow :)
  5. peppop

    peppop Full Member

    I found it easy because unlike weight watchers you don't need to point everything and unless it's a syn or a healthy choice you don't have to weigh anything. That's what put me off ww. I thought it was pretty straightforward
  6. babypat

    babypat Gold Member

    Hiya welcome to the forum and good luck with SW. I hope your meeting goes well.
  7. Leasa_x

    Leasa_x Member

    Thank you lovelies. Fingers crossed. Lost 3 stone using herbalife and due to life issues etc put it all back on so looking forward to hopefully getting back to my happy weight with slimmers world
  8. Vavaness

    Vavaness Gold Member

    Hi Leasa! SW is great - wishing you every success! :)
  9. Eryn

    Eryn Member

    Hi i'm just starting also, hope your doing okay :)
  10. Rache83

    Rache83 Full Member

    Hi and welcome to the forum. I joined a number of years ago now and haven't used it since.

    i started slimming world back in January and I'm finding it easy to follow, I had tried it before when it was just red and green days and I got so confused. Extra Easy is simple to follow and you don't go hungry.

    All the best on your weight loss journey
  11. Princess_Ruthy

    Princess_Ruthy Silver Member

    Welcome to Minimins! Slimming World is a great plan, good luck :)

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