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new something was wong last night


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was taken into hospital int he early hours of this morning with severe stomach pains. doctors arnt sure if its stomach ulccers or gall bladder problems. they arnt happy with me continuing the diet untill diagnosis has been finalised following scans/scopes etc. :cry:

but i lasted 4 days!

hope to get back on track at some other time though.

thanks for all the support iv received over the past week. your all so lovely, and i wish you all the best of luck with your weight loss journeys.

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Poor you, hope it's nothing serious. Feel better soon X


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Oh no!

Hope ur ok..

Take Care x


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Hi bb,

Sorry to hear you were not well last night and you are right to listen to your doctors not to continue with this diet until you have things sorted.

You did very well to last four days. You have proven to yourself you are determined to lose weight.

Be sure to let us know how things are with you.

Love Mini xxx


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Sorry to hear that. I hope you get it sorted out soon and listen to your doctors advice. Take care xxx


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Hope you feel better soon.

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Poor you. How scary for you. Wishing you well soon and good luck with whichever path you chose after.

Take care xxx


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Sending hugs and get well wishes.



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I had the same thing on LL, I had a scan and gall bladder was fine they said it could be bilury colic, this is quite common in VLCD and very scary as the pain can last for days. Lucky for me it happened on my last week when I started to introduce food. Only fish and veg but was in agony. I have started CD 4 days ago but any sign of the pain returning I have been warned to come off it by OH. Touch wood Ill be fine. Hope your feeling better hon tak care xx


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Hope you get better soon! xxx


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Best wishes for getting well again. Come back when you can.


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S: 14st7lb C: 13st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.9 Loss: 0st11lb(5.42%)
thanks for whoever gave me the rep point :) and thanks for all the warm messages.

in quite a bit of pain right now, so thought id ocme on here for a bit of distraction

lola123 - im suprised the doc allowed you to do the CD diet if youv had problems before?


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If it does turn out to be gallstones hun I actually found that sticking with CD (only after I found out that's what it was) helped keep the pain in check as there's so little fat involved, my GP actually encouraged it to be honest.
Hope you're feeling better soon hun, did they send you home with a tonne of painkillers?


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hope you get better soon xxx

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