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New Start = New me! Excited, please read!

Hi everyone

I am back, after a very long absence, and am bigger than ever :(:cry:

I am at a stage, where I am very depressed, so am determined with your support to get back on track, and get some pounds shifted.

Here's a little history of what has been happening.

I recently got married, and am extremely happy with my husband, so have gained a lot of weight, I have never been as big as I am at the moment, so am feeling very bad about myself. My clothes dont fit, and I'm constantly trying to cover up, so that people can't see how big I've got.

I really want to be healthy, so actually went for a gym induction on Thursday :eek: and am looking forward to starting some exercise.

I've also been to the doctor, because I am worried about my weight, and the affect it is going to have on me. He has advised me to stick to healthy eating and exercise, and then to go back to see him in 1 month to see how I am getting on. If the weight isn't shifting, he may need to do some blood tests :(

On a plus side, we have recently booked to go to Egypt in December for our wedding anniversary, so I have to be fit and healthy to look good on the beach, and be comfortable with myself.

I really hope to start losing weight with the support of all you lovely people.

Speak soon
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good luck Carol
l find keeping a record of my food really helps and try and drink loads of water 8 glasses any way, will keep an eye out for your posts ,this is a lovely forum everyone is very encouraging, lm starting gym next week maybe we can help each other along:whacky068:


Hiya Chucks!!
Hello and welcome to the WW section.
Good luck with your weightloss journey,you want to lose weight and you are doing it for "you"(thats the main thing).:)

We are all in the same boat really,but it is very friendly and helpful here and i can bet you will be addicted in no time at all...:)

You are going away too (lucky thing)so thats a good incentive to stick with it,looking forward to reading all about your journey :D x
Thank you both for your replies, I really appreciate the support. My husband is great, but really doesn't understand my struggle, because he can eat whatever he wants, and never gains any weight.

Ann - Good luck with starting in the gym, let me know how you get on.

Take care
will do that :D
I think I'm going to try and write a food plan, to make it easier when I go shopping. I've bought a Pure Points 2 cookbook, which has some really nice recipes in it, some I'm feeling very good.
Thank you for the welcome, i am very excited to be back, and am feeling very determined to make it work this time.

Just had another reason to lose weight as well, found out that my friend has set a date for her wedding, so want to look good for that lol.

hi carol.
glad to see your back on ww. i hope you manage to shift som weight for your wedding/ i will pop in to see how you get on. As i am now doing sw.


Needs a kick
Hey Carol, welcome and good luck. Your holiday is great motivation.
Keep posting it really helps xx
Hi Carol and welcome back.

Its great to have incentives to work towards - break your weight loss down into chunks and think of a great, non calorific, reward to have each time you hit one of your goals.

Are you going to class or going it alone with Minis?

I am new to this aswell even though you have done it before.
My incentive is also a holiday in Egypt. I go at the end of July though.
At the moment I am finding the diet quite easy and am not bored. I get bored very easy, so have found that this forum really helps.
Good luck



Is in the Zone
Hi Carol!

I know the feeling ... I've gained a lot of weight since I got married in 2004 ... so at least you're doing something about it earlier than I did. I was in the "I'm happy, so don't care" frame of mind. Now I realise that even though I'm still very happy in my marriage, I'm not happy with myself.

Annnnyway - just wanted to say good luck and keep posting!

Welcome back
Goodluck on your weight loss mission..your wedding anniversary plans sound great ..I get married this december so snap only a year different


Mad as a Hatter
Welcome back and Good Luck
I am very much in the same frame of mind as you... I am the heaviest that I have ever been, even when I was pregnant, and I feel sick about myself sometimes...
Support at home and on here is vital so make sure that you get yourself onto Minis on a regular basis and absorb all the lurvvvve and good vibes

Thank you all for the welcome!

I'm even more determined to lose weight now, as we have decided to start trying for a baby in December! I'm so excited, but absolutely terrified at the same time!

I really want to lose a few stone before even trying for a baby.

We're obviously not telling anybody that we'll be trying for a baby, but I thought I'd share with you ladies :D

aww thats lovely - good idea about shedding a few stone first though.. will be so much better for you and the little one :)

good luck with your weight loss :) xxx
with such a fantastic goal i'm sure you will do really well :) my weightloss has been up and down but at least I am maintaining it while i get my head back into it :) x

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