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new start, we have let things slip


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did a weigh in today, 1lb off, as i weighed on a thursday last week i do not thing this is very accurate and it is totm so will take this as my start weight and will do a weigh in at boots on a saturday each week. i may decide to go back to sw classes and if so my weigh in day will change. i do not feel i could wait until 7pm to have a weigh in as i do not like to eat before class.
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well saturday is not a good time for me to weigh in as i would weigh in on sat morning and then cheat all weekend. My weigh ins will start as of tomorrow morning and that's it then as I am not happy. The treadmill arrived and I can no longer use essays/ study as an excuse to not diet/ exercise. Let the healthy eating and exercise begin tomorrow.
By the way, anyone can join fatbunny and me. We have been posting on a previous thread for a while now and decided enough is enough as we have undone some of our hard work and therefore a fresh start with a new thread was called for. Here's to seeing less of us. FB, we have to be a little hard on each other especially when we slip to a point that it affects our weight loss as we can't keep undoing our work. Will post new start weight tomorrow. Think its scary high!!


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omg, only 2lbs difference and you are 4inchs taller than me and i am the heavier of us.
im going to be mean - bet you cant catch me!!!! i start the diet tomorrow so might be different when i officially weigh in and start tomorrow. needed a whole bag of maltesers to get me to finish my essay so might have put on weight!!i just got a head start in case i didnt manage to get on tomorrow - but i will!!! and the weigh loss will begin :) stay focused on your holiday. i dont have another hol booked - ive had 4 already this yr...lol so im focusing on urs too!!! we will be back to where we were if not better by november. x


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mummyb, of course you can join in, we need other people to keep us motivated. i am looking at a cruise again for next year, that was my downfall this year, 1 stone on.
the more the merrier so welcome mommyB
FB - be angry at me! went out to a restaurant and ATE. But have started at 12st 7 today so aiming for 2lbs off in week 1. It will happen!! Hoping to start some exercise too again. Havent done any today but will keep posting. I didnt have dessert which is good for me!! :)
ok.... had a sneaky peek on scales just to see whether had put any on after lovely food last night but hadn't, so I now have 6 days to make sure I shift something - anything!! hmmmm.....


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that is why i do not have scales in the house as i would be off and on them all the time. i walk home from work every day, change into gym leggings and trainers and do 2.3 miles each day, x 5 = 11.5 miles. it is a start.
its more than a start. keep at it. we will have some sort of a loss this week. we WILL. lol. x
hope so, i have been on plan so far this week.
well done for staying on track - imm still kinda adjusting but know will have some sort of a loss for monday!! x
OMG!!! my tummy has not forgotten how o rumble!!! Ive not heard that sound for a while which shows all I normally do is eat, eat and eat some more.
FB - have you weighed in today? Im hoping the scales went down by something?? let me know...im eagerly waiting..lol
mommyB - your weigh in was Friday. Did it go your way?
I weigh in on Monday, if I havent lost the 2lbs I wanted I will not be impressed! Looking forward to your posts. x


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hey there guys. i recently started low-carbing again after losing on cd for my wedding, and gaining a stone and a half back in pre-wedding stress eating and an all-inclusive honeymoon.

so my first goal is to get back to 13st 4lbs which would be my pre-wedding weight. my second goal is to get to 12st 10lbs on my cambridge counsellor's scales so i can become one myself, ha. her's weigh about 5lbs heavier than mine though. i might ask her if i can come and get weighed first thing in the morning and knock a week or two off that :D

the reason i'm not doing cd now is because it messes with my hormones and i want to get pregnant, so just normal low-carbing for me for the moment :)

abz xx
i am so pleased to announce 2 lovely pounds have come off my fat tummy, happy days, things are looking up, my work skirt is too big and someone at work has told me to get back in my trousers (bought in primark not work issue) as i look 1000 times slimmer in them. problem is they are a 10 and are very very tight.
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well done!!! 2lbs is a good start. Im hoping i lose that when i weigh in on monday but lets see. You wear what fits for now and those size 10s will fit perfectly after a few weeks.
Well abz - good luck with trying to get pregnant and feel free to post on here. As you can see we dont have a set day for weigh in as we both have different reasons for weighing in when we do but would welcome your support and hope we can be of support too.
FB, I am fasting between daylight hours for a month now (today was day 1) and i can see it all going wrong. I have to try and avoid the mega bingeing at night. Mondays weigh in will reveal whether its happening or not. We cannot be 12 stone anything anymore - how did we let this happen!! lol. I blame the cake and chocolate personally - they need to be held accountable!!
same as me. dreading it tomorrow but lets see what the scales say in the morning. Hope it goes your way abz. Have you managed to stay on track this weekend FB???
have been good, saturday night dh had a chinese, dd1 had mcdonalds and dd1 had chicken strips from the chippie, goody2shoes had grilled quorn sausages with mushroom and fried onions done in frylite, had a couple of glasses of wine while watching x factor, but that was my syns for the day. have not tripped up at all this week end, all i can say is thank goodness for shapers yogurts, as i can get through 6/8 per day.
lol. 6-8!! thought they were supposed to keep u feeling full!! Im not sure whens the best time to weigh in for me as Im waking up to have brekkie at 3:30am before sunrise and then eating after 8:30pm. Think I will weigh in in the evenings until the fasts are over. lets see what tomorrow brings. Well done for staying on track. x