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New start worries

Hi all,

I am at the moment seriously considering joining LL and although I have been to the intro meeting ( I was the only one two others didn`t show) I have some questions and as the group doesn`t start until 19th Nov that`s giving me time to have doubts as to if I could stick to the programme, I have a major amount of weight to lose.

How do you all cope with still preparing meals for family and doing the shopping and do you think it restricts your family life and does your other halves get fed up with this.

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Hi there. I had a 'major amount of weight to lose' too but this is by far the best way to do it. It's quick and if you stick to it, it's easy too.

It hasn't restricted family life at all. I cook all the time and have found I can sit and have my shake or soup while others eat with no problem. It's a change that you have to put into all of your lives and so long as you have the support of those who matter to you it makes things a lot easier.

If people can understand why you're doing what you're doing and support you, you'll find it a breeze. Of course you do come up against people who will be negative about it but you just have to ignore them. I'm so glad I did!

My other half has been incredibly supportive, as have all my colleagues and family. It doesn't mean they can't eat. It doesn't mean they have to do it with you. It's your journey, and they will see a happier, healthier you at the end of it.

I had a while to wait before I started too from the inital introduction but I was so excited when I did start.

I hope you get on ok. It really is a matter of deciding you're going to do it and sticking to your guns. You'll do great I'm sure !!

i think yo have to reach a point where you realise that you have to start to put yourself first for once. the small sacrifices you have to make whilst on ll are temporary i cant deny that at times it is hard but the rewards far out weigh them. as for shopping and preparing food i have found that after the first week i am able to do these quite easily- i have an 11mth old baby and have to prepare food and feed her everyday. ask yourself if you are really ready for change, as long as you embrace the program wholeheartedly and use your group and this forum for support you'll do just fine. i think everyone who starts is scared at first but just wait till you see your first weeks loss it really spurs you on.
hope this helps
all the best

The more I read the more I think this may be the way forward, I think its just the fact that I`ve still another 3 1/2 weeks before I can get going thats bothering me.

I had to wait 6 weeks to start but it was the best thing ive ever done.

It really doesn't restrict family life you can still do things together in fact as a family we are going out walks etc alot more. I have sat with my soup while others have eaten chinese, fish & chips and all sorts but it doesnt faze me. I have decided this is time for me to get what i want and my family are totally supportive.

When I came on this forum for the first time I was only playing with the idea of LL and when I started to see the how LL worked for everyone, everyone was postive and all losing weight. I posted for advice just like you giving my doubts and worries - I was given this advice from tange and BL - DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!! It was the best advice ive ever been given. So ill pass it on to you

DO IT!!! Its so worth it!

PS: Stay on this forum and get excited about LL I hung about on here for 6 weeks asking questions reading peoples achievements by the time I started I couldn't have been more excited or ready!
i am on day 3, and like you had lots of thoughts about ll, should i do it? what if it is too difficult. I am married with a 7yr old daughter and a 1yr old son, and i have to prepare food, cook, and shop. right now i have grapes and croissants in the house, but i am determined to to this,i need to lose 8st 12lb or 9 stones. do it!!!!:D


Guess who's back...?
Hi Pammiedoll... you've got nothing to worry about - I also had to wait around 3.5 weeks to start. Initially, when I was told the start date I got really grumpy and upset. I was so fired up to start and I was convinced I'd go off the boil before the start date if I couldn't grab the bull by the horns there are then... but actually - and I know it sounds irresponsible - I took the opportunity to get my head straight, clear my house of food (I live alone), told everyone who would listen about what I was planning to do (added pressure not to fail!) and had lots of nice meals out with friends! I also spent an unhealthy amount of time on this site, haha, reading people's posts and asking any questions that I was concerned about.

Try not to think of it as a wait to start... think that you have already taken the first step on the journey and get that excitement up.

It may also be worth doing a little project... keep notes of what you are eating, when, and why - were you bored, low, happy etc... this will be purely for your eyes only, so be honest... when you come to talk about why and when you ate, it will be useful to look back and see what your habits were. This is something I will definitely do when I go back to the world of food... it is incredible how much of our hunger and eating patterns are emotional automatic reflexes.


The more I read the more I think this may be the way forward, I think its just the fact that I`ve still another 3 1/2 weeks before I can get going thats bothering me.

Hi Pammie

I had about 8 weeks I think before I started - and its was SO beneficial to have that time. I spent that time getting my head well and truly wrapped around what I was embarking on. I used it to visualise every possible roadblock that I could encounter: family gathers, work dos, pub nights, etc.

I discuess with my husband how it would affect him - he cooked for himself the entire time mostly...or ate at work. When I did cook for him, I served him, and then had a bubble bath - then later as the diet got easier sat there happily with my shake while he had pepperonie pizze. (the first time was tough - but it DOES get easier then you can imagine).

Don;t be afraid of it - its a short term, temporary measure to get you the dream you always thought was out of reach.

I have lost 9.5 stone, and its truly been much much easier then I could have hoped for = and it has changed my life 150%.


It will be the best thing you can do for yourself. Most of us had to wait to start.
I cook dinner every evening and usually sit with them and have my soup. Occasionally I might be "busy" in the kitchen if it's something really tempting.
I've been to parties, weddings, pubs, work do's, away on training courses in hotels,all no problem at all.
I now do my supermarket shopping on line and get it delivered. I plan the meals in advance and don't get tempted to buy "extras". It saves time and money too which helps pay for the LL which is worth every penny.
Good luck.:girlpower:
Thanks for all you comments and encouragement.

Although the wait is annoying I must admit I am getting my head round what I am about to do. I have over the last 4 years lost 6st by myself as like most of you there is nothing I don`t know about dieting but got complacient and put it all back on again, and now loath myself so am hoping the counselling will play a major part in resolving my weight issues once and for all.

Pammie - the counseling has been invaluable for many of us.

It can be difficult and painful - but - its essential work, with rewarding results and an awakening to a new you. You will soon see yourself with different eyes.

Can't wait foryou to get started!!! :)
Pammiedoll. I only had to wait a couple of weeks which was infuriating at the time as I really wanted to get on with the programme. I used that time to introduce 2 slimfast shakes a day and cut carbs out of my evening meal (slowly). This really helped me because when I actually started I had a pretty easy journey in week 1. I will admit that I had a couple of nice meals out in that time as well, but I didn't eat as if I would never eat again (that would mean more weight to lose!).

I am lucky that my OH tends to cook for himself, although I do cook for him sometimes and he really appreciates this. I've been out to lots of meals, one I even had to push the food around the plate as I didn't want anyone to know that I was dieting. Eating out (I've discovered) is a real trigger for me and I go straight into rebellious child mode (you'll learn about this). The counselling has helped me to stop and question my behaviour and thoughts and understand how self destructive I've been in the past.

I'm not going to pretend it's the easiest thing I've ever done, but the results after doing LL for a relatively short time are astounding. My body is changing so quickly that my head can't keep up with it! I feel healthier, fitter, more confident and in control.

There will be challenges that you will face, but look round here and you'll find others that have faced the same thing and are happy to share their coping strategies with you.

Good luck.

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