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New starter on LL


has started again!!
Welcome Trish! Hmmm.. water.... always a sticky one at the start! I was a total coffeholic, couldnt get through the week without my skinny lattes from Cafe Nero!

After a while you might find, as I have, that you actually want to drink the water and you will miss it if you dont! LL do water flavours that you can buy to make your water more interesting too. I use mine in fizzy mineral watere, or sometimes even have half a litre at a time as a hot drink.

It really is true that the more you drink the better your losses will be. If you allow yourself to dehydrate your liver starts trying to help out the kidneys, and is not able to metabolise the fat so efficiently. Generally I aim for 5 - 5.5 litres a day, and my losses are normally pretty good, although some weeks are better than others. I managed to lose 5stone in foundation...

Best of luck & keep posting here for support or questions answered!!

Good Luck!


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Hiya Sez

Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm actually looking forward to starting the programme. A friend of mine has lost 21pounds in 4 wks and is looking so well I just knew I had to give it a try.

I will certainly keep anyone who's interested updated with my progress.

Speak to again soon.

Hi Trish and welcome!
I too was worried about the water. I absolutely hated the stuff pre LL, was a diet coke addict and just couldn't imagine what a minimum of 4ltrs per day would look like.
Prepare for the marathon peeing! Your body does get used to it though, but you will be running to the loo as a constant in the beginning. Think of it as not only fantastic for flushing the bod, but also extra exercise running back and forth to the loo! :D
I can't ever imagine going back to fizzy drinks now. I do really enjoy the water flavouring in sparkling mineral water, but my diet coke thing has finally been put to rest forever!
As Sez said, the more water you can get through each day the better.
Good luck on Sunday and let us know how you're getting on.


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Welcome Trish (from a fellow Trish!),
You've come to the right place for help and encouragement: some of the stories are truly inspirational.
Good luck with the water - as everyone else says it does get easier especially when it helps shed the lbs too ...


likes posting.
Hi Trish welcome to the site, i was same as you with the water, infact it almost stopped me doing the diet, but i give it a go, you do get used to it.The results are well worth it.Good luck for sunday.


has started again!!
Hi Trish! Just a quick good luck for tomorrow!

Keep posting for support as the first week can be tough! Once its over though, you'll walk it!!!
The water is hard but you do get used to it & you soon just drink constantly as an automatic! The weeing gets better and the only advice I can give on the first few weeks is grit your teeth and it DOES get better & is worth it! People react very differently but I strugled with feeling more tired than I've ever felt before and the dry/cardboard mouth (means your in ketosis which is all good fat buring stuff!!) takes some getting used to! Its also a good idea to do a blog as keeps you busy & you can look bak on the journey after! Keep us updated!


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S: 13st1.0lb G: 9st7lb
Thank you everyone, you've all been really welcoming. I will let you all know how I get on.


Hi Trish welcome to LL Good luck for your first meeting today:wavey:



Just one day at a time
Hi Trish and welcome.

Lottyfern (above) lost 2stones in 4 weeks, so as you can see it does work.

It is not as bad as you think and some days are worse than others, but the weight loss is FAB.

The water flavourings are great. I put it with fizzy water and can drink 4lts in a night. I don't do it every night, but try to think of it as a treat LOL

you could also make lollys - this would get more water in your body.

Good luck and keep posting. The guys on here are fab and full of wonderful advise.


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