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New starter!!! Would appreciate tips.

Hello, I'm Lisa. I'm seventeen, and I was about 17stone 13 1/2 pounds when I first saw my counsellor. After a week of gathering up the fourty quid to get myself the weeks supply of two shakes and a tetrapak a day and a shaker to make life easier, I started the Sole Source today. But I did manage to lose 4 and a half pounds in the week before I even started the diet. So in theory, I'm about 17s 9 right now.

My mum's friend, who also decided to go on the diet along with someone else and we WERE about to go on Lighter Life until we saw the £60 pricetag. CD seemed more economical for me. I aim to lose 7stone and the other 9 pounds. So more or less, I hope I'm slim before I turn 18 on August 26th. I decided to finally get rid of the weight I've been carrying after these years of trying Weight Watchers and Slimming World. I've been trying to loose the weight since about fifteen, due to bullying in Primary School and Secondary School (didn't happen in my school, but the boys school up the hill, a few of them transfered from my primary school to there and took the piss)

First day (today) hasn't actually been too bad. I just drink water when I feel hungry and it quells the feeling. Although I smell omelette, and I'm dying for some even though I hate it! My counsellor said that she'll probably call in a few days, to see how I've found CD for my first week, and I really can't wait til next week when I can replace the tetrapak with a bar! And get hold of some mix-a-moose and water flavouring. Really getting sick of the plain water.

Am wondering though, Coke Zero, would it be alright to have a can or bottle of that a day? Considering it's supposed to have nothing in there. And does anyone have ideas on how to use the shake powder in a more creative way?
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Hmm, the best way i found is to initially stick strictly to the 3 shakes and lots of water for the first 4 weeks, then start messing about with "recipes". My best advice to you is to stay on the forum as much as you can for all the support you will get.

P.S. Yu can have sparkling water too. The Tesco one is dead cheap and stays fizzy for ages.
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Hello and welcome to CD and Minis Lisa Jane!

You should be okay with a can of coke zero but it can make some people feel hungry. I think you aren't supposed to have the bars until after two weeks to give your body time to properly get into ketosis. The first week can be tough but grit your teeth and the weigh in will be reward enough and then it does get easier!! Get glugging the water, aim for 4ltrs as this helps with the losses.

Good luck with your journey and keep us posted on how you are getting on.


PS, I think there is a sticky at the top of the page with recipies for the packs, crisps, muffins etc!
Hi, just wanted to say a big well done for starting cd, i myself was feeling just like you and i am now on my 5th day of the diet, i have been on many diets ww, slimming world etc, tried them all and failed miserably, mainly due to my will power, even went to see about having surgery until someone pointed me in the direction of cambridge, you will find everyone on here extremely supportive and helpful, they have been great with me, so if you need to ask anything please ask and also we can do this together if you like. Soo how has it been for me so far?? well it hasnt been that easy but i dont feel hungry, ive been managing to drink between 3/4 litres of water everyday, im having a hot shake for breakfast, a soup for lunch and soup for t, i have found them all really nice, to be honest yesterday was hell for me, i was soo hungry well at least i craved food cant say i was starving more just thinking of food, but had a hot bath and popped onto this site to have a moan ha ha, but anyway big hugs to you and good luck, lets see if we can do this, my birthday is on 20th august and i really want to shine in some sexy new slim clothes. xxxx:eek:


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Welcome Lisa! Congratulations on choosing a brilliant diet! You are right - the key to success is drinking loads of water! Any questions, worries, concerns, just come straight back to the forum and everybody will do their best to help you and encourage and support you.

I started two weeks ago - I am on Day16 today and at my Week 2 weigh in I was 18.5 lbs lighter - so it shows it can be done!

I'm not the best one to ask about creative ways with shakes as I am quite conventional! I put 6 ice cubes, 400ml of ice cold water and the shake powder into a blender and just blend it well. It makes a lovely icy shake and with the exception of capuccino, I think they all taste great! You can make them into a mousse using the mix-a-mousse you can get from your CDC - but I haven't been very successful with them. Somebody will be along very soon to give you some ideas.

Be successful and above all stay focused, determined and full of water!
It's been fine for me so far, I have to drink the bare minimum amount of water (2l and 1/4) because it's difficult for me to drink, but I do make it up in the shakes by putting more than the minimum water in the shakes. Any others who want to do it together, that's fine by me! The more help, the better!


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Hi Lisajane, welcome to minimins. Sounds like your doing fab so far, good luck with the rest of your journey :)

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