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Hi people my name is Dan I am male who is 30 years old and im currently weighing 92.6kg who is 6ft 2 inches tall. I have just started Lipotrim today and so far its been good had my first shake at 7.30 am and then at 9.30pm, could anyone advise me how much weight I will lose within the next 7 days and also i am a smoker will it affect my weight loss?
I am working in a catering department and my job is to deal with food its hard as I see food every second but i am determined to lose my belly! Could you also advise in which way I will lose the weight? is it by poo or by urine? What will happen if I drink alchool while on Liptotrim and if I weigh 92.6kg, how much will I weigh a week?I am drinking about 3-4 litres of water everyday is that good?
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Hi!!welcome!!! And congrats on making the first big move Water is good. Need 2 or more but they say not more than 4. Im not used to kg so i cant really picture what you weigh. You will loose more in your first week than any other. Lipotrim say that people loose a stone a month and men loose a little more. Really if your sticking at it religiously, given that your male i reckin you should loose more than a stone a month ( deffently more in your first month). But everyone looses it differently.

Im also a smoker and i checked and it has no effect so thats good news!!! The first week will b hard, especially cos you work with food but as time goes on you kind of disconnect from food and its not so tough. It becomes something you dont really want once your fully in keytosis and been off food a while.

You will go into keytosis mid/ the end of this week and you'll know cos your breath will smell. You can use fresh breath strips which are very usefull.

You'll pee all the time cos of all the water. This helps to flush out the fat. Some people have loose bowel movements and others only go once a week. The later seems to b more common with the men iv spoke to but every day is different and it can change from day to day.

I hope this has helped. You'll get great support on here. The people are great. Well done on starting!!!! Keep us posted.


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Hiya Dan, welcome to the forum and welcome to Lipotrim. It's a tough diet to do sometimes but the results are more than worth it if you stick to it.

Men average about a stone and a half weight loss each month and women average about a stone weight loss.

If you have a look at some of the male posters who are on Lipotrim on here, you'll see they have tickers which gives the amount of weight they have lost so far and it'll give you a rough indication of how much you are likely to lose.

Everyone is different though, so don't be disheartened if say for example you read someone has lost 10lbs in their first week and you lose say 6lbs.

Alcohol is a no no on this diet. Your body goes into Ketosis, fat burning mode and drinking alcohol is quite dangerous really.

You'll lose weight by your body burning the fat it doesn't need, the water keeps you hydrated and the extra peeing is a side effect but get's rid of toxins I think.

Smoking will have no effect on your weight loss I don't think. I don't smoke so can't advise on that front but I'm sure someone who does smoke will answer for you.

3-4 ltres of water a day is very good, keep drinking. Don't forget you can have black tea or black coffee, even peppermint tea, but only tablet sweeteners are allowed.

Also, try adding coffee to your vanilla or chocolate shakes to have a sort of mocha or latte shake.

Good luck and looking forward to reading your posts and finding out about your progress.



Getting married in July!!
Oh sorry i forgot. Dont drink any alcohol!!!! Its very dangerous!!!! So totally not worth the risk! So iv been told... Not going to b putting that one to the test. Hehe
Thanks people for all your feedback and support! its really good to have online support especially when you want to eat and have second thoughts and then come online see all the posts and messages and you feel motivated to lose the pounds! I weigh 14.5 stones so what would be my ideal weight for my height of 6ft 2 inches? just want to know that so i will know what weight to target!!


Getting married in July!!
Hi dan. Im 14stone 4 at the minute so ill race ya!! Hehe but as ur much taller and a man (dont yous have it easy! Hehe) you'll win. To b a healthy bmi for your height you should be between 11.9 and 14.2 stone but you know what you look like so only you can know what your aiming for. You'll do great though!!!

These posts get me through every day cos i mostly find it though. But is it getting much easier for me. Hopefully you'll b one of the lucky ones that thinks its easy!!

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