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Hi Everyone
I am a new starter this week, have done WW before but not on the new pro points plan. I am going on a long haul trip in 12 weeks and terrified of the inevitable squeeze into the plane seat ! I am hoping to lose about a stone and a half before I go and have started the wii Zumba tonight also... I was 3 stone lighter last time I flew long haul and it was a squeeze then, it is lovely to see so many positive threads they give me inspiration !! X
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Is zumba on the wii any good? Was thinking of getting it.I'm going to go to a class on wednesday nights but I work shifts so can't really go more often than that. I'd like to be able to do it at home too.
Hi Cammyttm
I really enjoyed the wii zumba and am going to do it again tonight i am very unfit but kept up quite well it is fast paced but i threw in a few of my own rubbish moves when i couldnt keep up !
I really enjoy it but spend most of my time laughing as I have no sense of direction or coordination when dancing and keep doing really random moves that aren't on the game lol x

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In 12 weeks Helena I have lost nearly 2 stone. I've tracked & weighed & also attended a minimum of 3 zumba classes per week so your goal of 1.5 stone is achieveable. :)

I know how you feel about the tight squeeze on the aeroplane seats! I travel globally with my job & this year I was flying budget airline alot & was so uncomfortable that I thought enough is enough I need to lose weight so I plucked up courage & walked into my first WW meeting & zumba class.
12 weeks down the line I am so happy that I did. :D
I still have a long way to go - another 8 stone but I know I can do it this time as WW PP fits in with my life totally & I've got my passion for exercise back too.
I must say that I have an excellent WW leader & 2 excellent zumba instructors too.

Good luck. xxx
Boo that has given me hope im a little panicked about the long flight but Im going to keep going and try for two stone. I agree with you galifreyan i add loads of moves to wii zumba ive got the arm movements sorted but the feet are a disaster !


Anna here :D xxx
i'm a new starter too :) want to loose a stone n a half but want to do it asap ahahahah lmao ... want as much gona as poss in the next 2 weeks (ano thats not gona happen tho) :/

zumba is fantastic :D get down to a class when you can, i love love love it - everyone else f***s up so it doesn't matter if you do, take someone with you so you can laugh at them ... works a treat xxx
Can anyone answer this for me? I would love to try Zumba but I have a torn tendon in my ankle. I get by walking etc if I strap it. I wondered how much pressure on the ankle Zumba is? Would hate to spend the money and find I can't do it. I really need to do more exercise. Thanks in advance


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My advice would be to wait until your ankle is healed Vicki.
I do 3 to 4 zumba classes per week with 2 different instructors & there's lots of footwork even if you keep it low level & don't jump about.
Personally I would wait a week or so. I have 'knackered' ankles through years of sport & I know if you do too much too soon you can set yourself back by weeks.

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