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Hey Lozzer its all different i think - i started a week later, some people have had to wait, best ask the LLC how soon you can start,
great that you are so motivator - best place to be
i was a bit like that, all excited but not knowing what to expect. Beleive me it is fine, im not going to lie to you but the first couple of days take a little getting used to but then its plain sailing (ish) after that - you seem determined that you want to do it and that is the best frame of mind to be in, let us know how you get on
Thank you, I have done ww for the last thirty six years with success now and again but usually treading water and slimming world for the last eighteen months ( I actually now weigh two pounds heavier than when i started ) got to get a grip this time !! Will let you know how it goes thanks for support.
it was the same for me - i did weight watchers 5 years ago and managed to lose 2 stone - i was 15.11 then, and then stopped luckily i only put on 10b of the weight i lost but now am determined to lose that 10lb and at least 2 stone more. i feel teh difference with LL is that they offer you the counselling - also amazingly while you dont have to think about food choices it gives you time and space to try and understand why we eat the way we do - it has been a great eye opener for me already!! LL has become a part of my life now - i dont think about it i just make up the packs and eat and carry on as normal :)
Sounds good, i have been reading loads on this forum ( found it by accident ) and its been a great help making up my mind hearing all these wonderful weight losses so glad something like this is avaliable. I am going to have to do a 100 mile round trip to get to a meeting every week so i need to be committed but i am sure it will be worth it.
oh my god thats real mileage !!! is there not one closer? where are you from?
oh bless - at least you are dedicated in going
Hey Lozzer!!!!!


Good luck on your weightloss journey - we're all in the same boat here, and most have tried and failed with SW/WW and so totally empathise!!

Can't believe you have to travel so far to get to meetings, surely there *has* to be one closer?! Still, at least you'll be more determined to stick with it, as it's a considerable chunk of your evening gone!!!

Look forward to following your losses, and chat soon!!!
Hi Mrs Burgundy, No york is definately my closest one or i could do Hull or Stockton but as the winter is coming up on us i went for york as road is better Hull is just over an hour away and stockton maybe a little longer than that. I really wish scarborough had one it would be brill. Hearing all these stone a month stories will make it worth it, My daughter getting married next year and i refuse to be the fat mother of the bride trying to hide in all the photos so another thing to spur me on. Well done on your loss by the way fantastic !!
Well, that's a fabulous incentive!! Congrats to your daughter n her engagement, and well done to you for taking the first step!!!!
By the time the wedding comes, you'll be the most glamorous mother of the bride!!!!!

Perhaps, once you've completed your journey - you could start a LL group near you!?!? Lol!! xxxxx

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