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New Starter...

Im going to be startin the lipotrim diet after the bank holiday as i have a friends birthday that weekend so thought i best get that out the way first lol.

Any hints/tips for when i get started would be GREAT!
Im very excited about the diet as i know someone whos done it and they look amazin! and even more so after readin how well you guys on here are doing :happy096:

So like i said any hints and tips or any info would be greatfully recieved.

Cheers :talk017:
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There's only one tip/hint that will matter. Stick to it 100% - you can't do any more than that and that will guarantee you the best possible results. There are no half measures on this plan - it's all or nothing.

Oh! There is another DRINK DRINK DRINK (although that's part of the 100% really!)

Best of luck - don't go too mad before you start. I managed to add a few weeks to the whole LT trip by pigging out before I started - it's not worth it! x


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Try and cut down on your carb intake coming up the your start date, this makes the carb withdrawals alot easier to handle xx
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Have clear goals not just weight loss but sizes or clothes to get back into or health goals, write them down. Tick off each day on the calendar, measure yourself and moniter it every 3/4 weeks, you will be amazed with the difference!!! Each time you hit a personal goal have an incentive for it, get your hair done, buy a new top, buy a CD, what ever does it for you, then crack on and hit the next goal. When things are tricky get on here and talk to us. Looking forward to seeing your loses on here. xx


Here we go again!
Hi and welcome babybear!

Like Jan said, the best thing you can do is stick to it 100% and the losses will be amazing. Drink plenty of water and set yourself mini goals. Take each day at a time and the time will fly by on this. Good luck, not that you'll need it!


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Welcome and good luck, can't say any more than the guys have already done above, keep your reasons for losing clearly in the front of your mind :)


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Hi welcome Babybear,
I am but a newbie myself, just on day three and so far ok. Most of that I put down to coming on here and reading other people's stories and adding to a thread etc. Sometimes I find whole chunks of time has gone by and I've been sat at this computer. I said to someone earlier dieting is a lonely business, I believe even if you are part of a slimming club, unless you have a buddy you are on your own all week until the next weigh in . But here is a site where there is nearly always some one on and you'll find more experience on this site than in any major slimming club. Not knocking slimming clubs but I need a bit more contact than they give (well the ones I have been to anyway).
Best of luck with the start.


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Good luck for when you start. Just stay totally committed to the programme and you will not be disappointed. Keep logging on for any bits of advice on shake ideas etc... xxx:):)

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