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New SW member

Hi everyone

I signed up for slimming world online so am trying to get to grips with the diet.

I am a veggie so will be following green days. I have 6 stone to lose (hangs head in shame) and am hoping to lose a good couple of stone by xmas.

This forum looks great so am hoping to get inspiration and tips from all you wise slimmers

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Hi and welcome :)

I am also a veggie doing this on line. If you have any questions then post them, and we will help all we can:)


Is so very nearly there!
Welcome aboard!

I aint a veggie but stick to mainly green days!

They are wicked here and will give you a boost when needed! x
Hi Happycow
I am new to slimming world to, but have decided not to go to the groups, so gonna give it a go without!!!!:confused:

I have just come off lighterlife for the second time and it made me ill this time!

Im also veggie and got about 5 stone to lose :cry:
(so any advice about going it alone without the groups would be very appreciated)



wants a new body
hi and welcome to slimming world lol
i have been here for just over a month and so far have lost 1 stone,
i tend to be having a lot of red days recently
but i loving it


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I don't attend group as it's not for me, but I have my sister (Lindam) as a mentor ,(however read the thread I've been naughty and will be punished) ;)and all the lovely people on here . I have all the books and weigh myself on the same scales once (or twice) a week. :)

My advice would be to do your starting measurements as well.. bust, waist, hips, arms and thighs.. and no matter how scary :eek: the numbers just think they wont ever be that again raaahh. Join in the challenges here and that keeps you motivated.:D


wants a new body
true about the measurements lol
i was gutted when i measured my bits and bobs lol but am now happy to say i have lost about 6" already unfortunately not off my belly but off my hips boobs and waist


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Woop woop well done.. it helps when you have STS or lost 1/2 pound to realise you have lost inches .. Ive managed 15 inches all over so far.
Hi HappyCow,

Welcome to Minis, this forum is just great for motivation. I was on the cambridge diet forum last year and the support I got was great...we all help eachother.
The SW side of the forum is just the same, very friendly :D

I have the same amount of weight to lose as you :mad: horrible isnt it hun?
Never mind though...we have made the right decission and we are taking the bull by the horns so to speak :D

good luck :)


wants a new body
i worked it out this morning when i started SW i needed to lose 109.5lb i'm sure i have a child that weighs that!

i now need to lose 95.5lb
so it is going
Welcome - I do all red days so cant help you with food ideas, but I, along with the others can help with motivation and inspiration. I started in Jan with bout 7 stone to lose and have lost 3 stone already - if I can do it anyone can xx


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Hi and welcome to the forum and to SW. Don't hang your head inshame, I had more than 6st to lose when I started and I'm only halfway through now. It's a long journey but we all do it together x


rainbows holiday buddy :)
welcome - i'm a veggie too and have between 7 and 10 stone to lose, but i'll decide when i get nearer the 7 stone off whether that's enough or to keep going.

i'm in it for the long haul - it won't come off overnight, but as long as i can eat and lose i'm happy! hope to have lost about 4 stone by xmas...am 2 lbs off 2 stone at the moment :D
good luck x

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