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New SW member!


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Hi & welcome

To be honest, I think you nailed it on the head in your message - variety. With the new EE plan, it is even easier to get variety in to the plan.



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Hiya! Its my first weigh in tomorrow too, ive been doing it since last wednesday so we can do this together! its great here, full of recipes and support and great ideas for excerises. Any kind of question or even if your just having a bad day and are looking for motivation its great! Theres no need to feel deprived or stuck to the same foods - theres so much choice and if you're ever stuck check out the food diarys and recipe section!

Good luck!!


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Today is day one for me, and like you I have followed the plan before. This place has got me fired up and motivated.

Check the food diaries of other members for meal ideas.


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My advice would be to know what your danger points are and plan for how you're going to meet them. That way you're not going to be caught on the hop and end up grabbing whatever is to hand regardless of the syns.

For instance if you know that you're going to be home late from work and will be too tired to cook, prepare something in advance like a pot of soup. It's quick, easy and healthy and having it ready means you won't reach for the packet of crisps or whatever.

My danger points are not having breakfast and then getting something from the shop on the way/snacking on high syn stuff mid-morning & going into Starbucks for a coffee and ending up getting a latte and a muffin!


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Good tip Circes!

My danger points are on an evening. I used to reach of a glass of wine or food. Not sure if it's boredom or habit.

So I've got fruit and muller lights in. And if that doesn't work I'll have an omelette.
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Hi all.
I'm on day 3 of slimming world - so far going for the extra easy plan and all seems ok. Don't think ive ever eaten so much fruit! lol


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well im absolutely fine in the week, i love eating fruit and veg and feeling healthy, i just come a bit unstuck when there is alcohol around, or eating out :-(


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oo p.s weigh in today, i feel the same as last week!!! hope i have lost some i have been really good!:wave_cry:


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well the thing i fell down on before was being restricted, so what i do now is have neutral foods right up until dinner, so that i can decide whether to have green or original when i get home! i.e have fruit and yogurt for breakfast, snack on fruit have a egg mayo and cress sandwich from hexb and 3 babybel from hexa for lunch and i think thats working for me! id like to try the extra easy but am very dubious as i have an extremely healthy appetite, i see me getting carried away with mixing meat and potatoes etc!!!
where i love a drink on weekends have been saving sins! im not sure how many i should aim for a day though! oh and i went gym 3 times last week (says angelicly) although im not sure how long that will last teee heee. i hiope i have a good loss next week. i am going away in june therefore would like to be 2 stones lighter by then!! fingers and toes crossed. id still love love love any tips people can give me!! i really need to use this forum as the class i go to is only a drop in, there is no image therapy session :-( ok i have rambled on enough now!!


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You seem to be doing really well.

I too like to save my syns for alcohol on the weekend, so try and restrict the syns I have during the week as much as possible.

Yesterday I had 5 and I've had 3 today, but in the past I've made the mistake of getting so obsessed with having syn free days that I've ended up craving food/sweets/treats that were syned and going off the rails just because I used some syns!

So this time round I'm trying to be a little more relaxed with the thinking that as long as I stick to plan, go easy on the syns midweek, and don't go overboard at the weekend, I'll be ok.


Moose no more!
S: 13st12.0lb C: 13st12.0lb G: 11st7.0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
i hope so, ill try and stick to five so i dont go cravings mad! just had a mini dairy milk 5.5 syns! but i just got back from the gym so dont feel too bad. :D
i was in the gym thinking, come on focus, it will be nice to jump around and not wobble everywhere hahaha

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