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New SW'er from home!!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Biker Chick, 20 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. Biker Chick

    Biker Chick Well-Known Member


    I am new to slimming world (not losing weight - I've been trying to do that for ever!) I have decided I am bored of weighing EVERY. SINGLE. BITE. and then logging it, then adding it up, then working out how I can cheat and go hungry to save for treats. With 3 boys aged 8 and under, 'aint nobody got time for that!

    After delivering said 3 boys via c section, I was left with some serious body image issues. Couple that with my love of wine and the treats that accompany it, I found my self weighing in at one point, over 14 stone. At 5ft 4in that's not a healthy thing. I lost 22lb with old style weight watchers and running then switched to calorie counting to lose (what I hoped would be the last) 30 odd lbs. All I succeeded in doing was losing and regaining the same 4/5 lb over a year!

    So I am armed with the internet, my minimins account and a positive attitude. My first weigh in saw a 3 lb loss and I'm excited to see if I can finally reach my goal of 10 stone by following slimming world.

    Wish me luck x x

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  3. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    Hi vicki!

    welcome to the forum and well done on that excellent first week. I too did ww after my daughter was born. I lost 2 st and thought that was marvellous but ww doesn't address eating habits. Not the old school points way anyway. Slimming world has been so much better for me and my family.

    I'd recommend you keep a food diary, either on here or a notebook or if you have a smart phone putting a link to the mobile site has a very good food diary on. They recommend keeping one for about 4 weeks I believe and then just logging syns (the app is rubbish, just a syn logger) but I find that a full diary everyday is the key to success. For me anyway!

    doing it online can be lonely in some respects without a group so get really involved on here. It's my 24 hour group! There are teams and challenges to join to keep you motivated so have a good look round :)

    sam x
  4. SallyVater

    SallyVater Well-Known Member

    Seconding lickthelid on the food diary front.

    It helps me immeasurably as I feel weirdly accountable so can sometimes not drink that glass of wine (small chorus of people who have actually READ my diary shouting "LIAR! RUBBISH!" ;)) as I will have to confess it on my diary! The other great thing about keeping a diary is that you can look back at weeks you have done well and replicate them if you stall.

    Good luck to you and enjoy the journey!
  5. sarah1991

    sarah1991 Member

    Goodluck! I have too done weightwatchers and I also did the Cambridge diet before falling pregnant. I'm finding it much harder to shift this ptegnancy weight. :( x
  6. Biker Chick

    Biker Chick Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the responses :)

    I am keeping a food diary in a notebook but am off to start one on here today. That way I can hopefully get some pointers and it will also help keep me accountable.

    (dashes off to food diary section)

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