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Hi all, just signed up for this tonight and writing a post in this section just explaining why I'm here seemed like the obvious thing to do.

Im sure forums like this must get busier every january with new years resolutions and all. To be honest Ive felt unhappy with my weight for a few years now. Ive never been very overweight, but a few extra pounds. It bothered me a little, but not much. Over the last six months or so though Ive put on another few extra pounds, to the point where I really do feel like I have a belly now and Id really like to get rid of it. Again, I know Im not seriously overweight or even near obese, but I genuinely feel bad about myself now, its really getting to me, my self confidence has really taken a hit, and I feel if I dont get this sorted now then I never will, and in time it will probably get worse.

So my aim is to lose a stone in total. Seriously Id be so happy if I did this, I would feel so much better about myself, and no doubt be healthier too. I want to lose this amount by april, because I am have a few big and important social events that month and Id love to look my best for them.

But Id like to join a forum like this one for the support and motivation. I have tried in the past, and I can do well for a week or so, but I do lose my way. At the minute I feel really committed, but Im only two days in and I know from past experience its the sticking to the healthy eating and the exercising that I struggle with, and Id guess Im not alone there. So it would be great to share with like-minded people who are in the same place I guess! I look forward to hearing from everybody!
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theres loadsa great ppl here with lotsa helpful info :)
gud luk on ur diet :)
x x


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Hya hun
welcome to the forum!
I could never last than a week on a diet but thanks to this site I have lasted a whole month :D
This site is so friendly & supportive that im sure you'll be able to stick to it!
Good luck xx


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hiya :wavey: i'm in the same position as you, looking to loose a stone for now (3lb down already), i'm trying the calorie counting as i feel it's something i can continue with after and it will teach me lower calorie choices and cooking for life, hope this helps :) good luck
Hi, I'm a newie too. Also don't have to loose loads of pounds. In fact I always think its the hardest to loose the last couple of stone every time. The first seem to fly off, IF you get into a good eating habit & exercise routine. (usually feeling very committed then lol)Then you might find yourself stuck some weeks not loosing anything much even though you are doing all the right things. ALL you have to do is perservere & stay strong and not go back to bad old habits & keep on track. Once again you will then go back to steadily loosing weight. I reckon it always helps if you have a definate goal or occassion to aim for. So take it one day at a time & read all these encouraging hints & stories & you'll surprise yourself. So go girl & I'll look forward to reading your journey. Jacquie