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New to calorie counting

S: 14st5lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 24.7 Loss: 4st1lb(28.36%)
Im starting cc tomorrow, its always appealed to me but I knew Id never get the time to count and add up my calories for the day - 2 small kids, but I have found this great app for my i phone that will do it for me so here we go, I feel very excited, according to the site I should have 1300 cals per day to lose 2lbs per week does that sound about right? Im 5ft 4in

Do you eat extra cals for exercise done or just hope for speedier losses if that makes sense?? Id love to lose a stone by christmas

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1300 sounds a great place to start and you can either go a little higher or lower depending how you feel once you've been doing it for a while.

I dont eat my exercise cals so that I lose weight faster, but I know of some people who do. I always try and make sure I eat enough protein after a workout though as it helps stop the acheyness and helps you build a little muscle - which burns more calories and gives you a more shapely figure.

Good luck for CC'ing! I def think a stone is doable by xmas if you work hard at it - thats what I'm aiming for too!

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Hi there and welcome to calorie counting. I use myfitnesspal for totting up mine, i know they do an app for a couple of phones so you may be using the same.

As far as eating your exercise calories I think it has to be your call. Some do, some only eat a few back some eat all back. I think if you start struggling for energy then eat some but otherwise dont bother but beware...MFP wildly exaggerates their calories burned in my opinion, this was pointed out to me by a body builder mate who is also a sports and fitness coach who put the truer figures closer to half so if hes right you could well go over on cals if you ate them all back.
Basically do what feels right for you, if the losses are too small or too great or you really start struggling for energy etc tweak things a bit. Thats the beauty of calorie counting. Nothing is set in stone, nothing is off the menu...you are in control

Come join us on a christmas challenge if you like. think its title is now 46 days to christmas......

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App sounds great, I'm an iPad/iPhone addict so I think I'll have a look!

I haven't been eating my exercise calories, but my calorie aim is to be between 1200-1500 a day, and on my hard workout days I do tend to be closer to the 1500....so maybe that means I am eating them!?! I certainly don't add on extra though, just don't feel guilty about being closer to the high end of the bracket.

I'm so surprised at how much I am able to eat in a day for 1200. It sounds so restrictive but really isn't.

A stone is totally doable by Xmas, and what I'm now aiming for too. There's a Christmas challenge on here if you need some help with keeping motivated. :)
S: 14st5lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 24.7 Loss: 4st1lb(28.36%)
Thanks for the warm welcome, I have to say so far I love it, I love the simplicity of it and the fact that mathematically it cant fail

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