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  1. Anitawol

    Anitawol New Member

    Hi I started the Cambridge diet just over to weeks ago weighing in at 18s 2lb. I'm on step 2 but missing the milk and the odd protein meal out. I managed a 9lb loss in my first week and just 3lb on my second week. I feel a bit let down by this as I've stuck to it religiously. Please can someone tell me it will get better. :(
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  3. Fay737731

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    It WILL get better!!!! I started at over 17 stone and there were some weeks I lost 1lb and some weeks I lost 5!! I am over 6 months in and can tell you HONESTLY it get's better. There is no pattern to it, no magic way of predicting what you "should" have lost each week. You just have to hope that you are happier with the result the next week. I am feeling dissappointed about having stayed the same last week and a sneeky weigh in yesterday looks like I will stay the same this week again but I know there are all kinds of reasons to explain it like having just gone up a step, just starting a new (as in never done one before) exercise regime, nearly time for my period, bowel issues...maybe I went with more of the carbier options all week like lentils or chickpeas!

    You will look back in a month and be very very glad you stuck with it!!!!!!! Then the next month...then the next month....

    It is a tough diet but if you can make it through the first month I really believe that you are more likely to achieve your goal than any of the other diets I have tried (and that's a lot)

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