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New to Cambridge - looking for buddies!


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Hi everyone.

I'm starting Cambridge tomorrow. I've got a cupboard full of sachets and a fridge full of water.

I've done lighter life before a few years ago for about 2 weeks, but it was at a very tough time in my life and I wasn't emotionally strong enough. Things are now better.

I'd love to meet some ladies who use MSN for support and motivation especially over the next 7 days.

I'm 28, and initially want to lose 2 stone by christmas. Long term I have about 8 stone to lose :(

So hi again, and if you're after a diet buddy too, or are an old hand who can help out a newbie, please shout!
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is Special :P
I on on my third week of cambridge. Lol i only just realised. I found this forum an absolute life saver. Ive lived in England 2 and a bit years so i dont really know anyone and its been great to get support from people who know what im going through and fab ideas on how to make it easier.
My msn is [email protected] if you want to add me. Im on it way too much so ill probably be around to offer you encouragement if you need it :)
Taz x
Hiya Shellbell and welcome to minimins and well done for taking the first step on your weight loss journey. I've got about the same amount of weight to lose as you...if you are SSing you'll have that 2 stone off way before christmas if you stick to it as it averages out at 14lb a month!!!!!! I've got almost 7 stone to lose but i'm on the 1200plan and as you can see from my weight losses (ignoring this weeks gain lol) it's coming off a lot slower BUT it's coming off!!!!!!

You sound very motivated and yes the next 7 days are going to be tough but i now take the mentality that each day i do this 100% is 1 less day i'm gonna be on this diet!!!!

Oh and my msn is [email protected]
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Thanks girls. Tazzi I'll add you now :)

I do feel very motivated. My downfall is my husband, if I say to him 'I want pizza' he says 'pass me the phone and I'll order'! Have told him this is it though, as I'm already in the system for bariatric surgery on the nhs so this is my last chance.
Shel i can totally empathise wih u on that one...my fella goes into the kitchen gets himself something scrummy to eat and says do you want one or i dont fancy cooking tonight do u want a pizza theyre mean lol
Yep although he is developing a sugar belly....he doesnt drink alcohol but LOVES sugary foods yet he never seems to gain any weight and he eats so much more than me it's not fair :( hoping it'll get him back when he urns 40 and gets middle aged spread lol
Oh I know how you feel, my hubby is 6ft 1 to my 5ft 1 and we couldn't be more different, he eats whatever and never gains any weight, he is a really chewy sweet addict, it's just not fair!! Good luck Shelbel, feel free to add me [email protected]