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Hi All,

Just like to say hello, i am starting my new life tomorrow. Really looking forward to the new me. I have heard that the first few days are really tough so not looking forward to that, but i will get over it, just thinking of that lovely bikini i am going to wear on my hols.

Wish me luck :p
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Good luck skinny cow!!
You'll be where you wanna be before you know it.
Good luck skinny - you can do it!

Love Barb xx
Good Luck :)

Hi All,
Thank you very much for your lovely messages of support. I am half way through my first day, drank loads of water (feel like i am drowning haha), starving hungry but very motivated. Role on tomorrow x
Just saying Hi. I'm starting tomorrow so we're both at the start of our journey. Let's hope there's gold at the end of the rainbow. x
Hi Tiara,
Believe there is gold at the end of the rainbow and there will be. Every journey has a start and an end with some difficult routes on the way, but we will get there together x