New to CD. Day one done (well, if I go to bed now) ...


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I started CD today having messed about with WW for the last 18 months. Must admit that initial weight loss on WW was ok but it seems such a long road and I haven't really stuck at it. In truth, I haven't stuck at it at all for 18 months. I decided I need to give my weight loss a kick start and have chosen the CD route. First day OK. Porridge for breakfast (bit like wall paper paste but maybe I didn't mix it properly ?), yummy strawberry shake for lunch and chicken and mushroom soup for tea. Have managed the water today but think I might find that hard going over the next few days/weeks.

Look forward to reading about everyone's adventures and getting support (and hopefully giving support) to everybody on here.

Here's to day 2.
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hi there, its my 1st day re starting today as well. Hasn't been too bad so far!
well done for getting through day 1. hopefully thats the hardest bit done!

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It's my first day too... So far so good feeling pretty good at the moment! So nice other people are in the same boat!

I had strawberry shake for breakfast that was quite nice, brocolli and cheese soup for lunch which was yuk yuk yuk! and choc mint for dinner which was yummy!

Lets keep each other updated and motivated :) xx


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well done on getting through day Dobo, i found myself goin to bed very early in the few weeks too and having baths at strange hours!!

Good luck for day 2!



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Well done on Day 1, good luck for Day 2 xx


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Best of luck, get past the first few days and you should be absolutely fine. If you feel like you need to quit or eat something, just log on here and you will soon get the encouragement you need. You can do it!


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Thank you all for your lovely messages, I really appreciate the support. Tried the porridge again this morning, it was bit nicer, maybe I mixed it a bit better ? Feel OK but have a bit of head ache this morning. Have already had about a litre of water. Decided to start early so I could spread it out better through the day. Have to admit I don't actually feel hungry. Just in this short time its made me aware of how much I pick/pinch food (my husband's and my children's). Maybe that's why I wasn't loosing on WW, all those points I eat without even thinking about it and certainly not counting !

Strawberry milkshake again for lunch and more soup for tea ...