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New to CD!


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Hi hun. I am on day 3 and experiencing same problems. I have done CD loads in the past and allowed myself sugar free chewing gum after my first week (no mints tho) It has never affected my weight loss but has made me feel more hungry, Try chewing for 20 seconds then getting rid, this might help :). good luck. xx

I too am on day three and really concious of bad breath - i'm a teacher and don't want to be remember as the one with the pongy breath :)


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Haha, try the chweing gum (sugar free) chew for around 20 seconds and brush your teeth regularly. My CDC also said to get fresh breath spray. Hope this helps.
It's a horrible feeling isn't it. x
I may take mouthwash to work with me! I'm a teacher as well.. And there is always one person in the staffroom with disgusting coffee breath... And I don't want it to be me!


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Yeah mouthwash is a good idea. It does make you feel paranoid especially if you work close to other people.
Apart from bad breath how is everyone getting on?
Hi all

Am trying out the sugar free gum to avoid teacher breath! Did ok on first week witha 6lb loss and 3 and a bit inches across bod...despondent this week as scales aren't moving.

How are you all getting on?

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