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New to Century Club - 169lbs to lose


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Hi All

I have been a member of MiniMins before. I did really well then stalled for 6 weeks and lost the plot lol

I am now heavier than I have ever been (even when pregnant) and need to shift this weight.

Today I have joined Tesco Diets. I know there are free sites that do the same. But paying helps me know I will stick to it.

I am doing a plan called totals. It means I have the flexibility to choose what I eat. I put it into the diary on the site and it tells me how many 'totals' I have used and the energy values. I think I love it already lol (I have to tell myself that) lol

I look forward to talking to you all.

Sophie xxx
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good luck sophie! by the looks of it we both have a similar amount to lose, for me 187lbs! daunting isnt it? i stalled for a long time because of the sheer scale of weight i had to lose, its easy enough to lose 20 or 30lbs in a few months, but when its over 100lbs in order to do it you need to change ur entire lifestyle.

anyways, good luck! i know you can do it, check out my diary "battle of the bulge" in the diaries section, if you make one too then mayb we can cheer each other on or something :) hope all is going well so far!


Wanna lose 100lb
so, that is 3 of us, then....

i am 25 stone and only 5ft 3, so the fattest of the lot. i'm also 52, lazy and love food.

let's encourage one another.



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Hi Ladies

It is very daunting! I have never had this much to lose before :( I was 7 stone less last summer. Let go of low carbing and have ended up here. Running my own business hasn't helped any either lol

I really feel we can be a big help to each other. I am enjoying just eating sensibly and avoiding snacks. Not 100% easy, as it is TOTM. But I am trying and hope to succeed!lol

We have a long journey to walk ladies! I am pleased I wont be walking it alone!:)


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Welcome Isis1981 :D (the only other Isis I have seen on here:D..great choice of name!)

Sounds like you've made a great start!

Best Wishes,

Isis x :)


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HI Isis

Thank you!

My grandmothers middle name is Isis. And, I work as a medium and feel a strong link Goddess Isis. So, I like to use it lol

Your boy is beautiful!

Hope to catch you around :)

Sophie xxx


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I am now 22lb down....so moving in the right direction :)

I hope everyone else is doing well xxx


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That's fantastic Sophie - "Well Done" am so delighted for you.

I see there are a few of us height challanged ladies here(I'm about 4'ft too short for my weight Lol) and we can all walk 'the walk' together. Go guys :grouphugg:

Mar xx


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Thank you :) lol @ being height challenged. Even me at 6ft2 should be about 8ft2 to make my weight right for my height lol
How is everyone doing ?

I started at 27st but have been 29st eeeek and I am now 21st 12lbs so still a long way to go. I am aiming for 11st 7lbs altough I may revise that as I'm also a 'tally' lol at 5ft 11, and yes I do want to be slimmer but not gaunt looking.

Good luck everyone.


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Wow!! You are doing really well! What an inspiration :)

I am fine. I moved from Tesco to Exante and am having a great time. I have my 3rd Exante weigh in on monday. I am nervous, as I hope the loss is ok. At least 4lbs would be nice :)


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Wow girls!! You are doing great! Keep plodding and you will get there.

I lost over 100lbs and have put a bit back on. I am now on my way back again lol. I think the support is even more important when u have so much to lose xx


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i have a lot to lose too, i started at 25.2st lost 20lbs on exante and i've now moved back to cambridge diet for the 3rd and final time, i am going to lose it this time, my goal is to get pregnant.

wishing you all the best of luck :)

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