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Well I have only just discovered Exante. I did Cambridge diet last year and it was great and I lose almost 3 stone in 9 weeks in the run up to my wedding. However once the honeymoon was over I went back to eating the junk I ate before the diet and gained it all back :cry:

I was going to go back on Cambridge when I saw a link to Exante and took a look. My consultant on Cambridge was nice enough but other than a weigh in and quick chat each week I never heard from her the rest of the time. I mainly got support on the Cambridge diet forum so figured why not use Exante, save myself money, and use this forum for support ;)

I just placed my order for a bumper pack so should get that in a few days. I'm looking forward to getting back on track and seeing the weight come off again xx
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Welcome to the exante gang!
It is a little quiet on here right now but I'm sure when all the xmas/new year stuff is over it will be more lively again!

Good luck with your weight loss x


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Good luck, you'll have that weight off again in no time!


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Welcome to the Exante board! xx


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Hi, i've just ordered mine, good luck, we can do it!!


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Welcome to ALL newbies.
We can do it 2gether.:D