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New to forum!

Hi all,

I am new to forum. I have decided to come back to Slimming World (I did it years ago when I was young and put on a couple of extra pound - how I wish I was that weight now!!!) For the past two-three years I have been doing Rosemary Conley. Very successful at first, I lost 19 pounds. Beginning of this year no matter how well I did the diet the pounds were not coming off, or it would be one off, one on, one off etc.

I do a lot of exercise and my personal trainer told me I was NOT eating enough on Rosemary Conley diet (I was having 1200-1400 cals a day) for the level of exercise I do. Of course, I was scared to eat anymore because I felt like I would put even more weight on!! :confused:

Anyway, having been eventually persuaded that something wasn't right...here I am having decided to do Slimming World. I don't particularly want to go to class as I do not want to be weighed every week. I'm sick of feeling so utterly depressed every time I stand on those scales. Can I just go by weighing myself once a month and my clothes? Has anybody else here done that? Is it advised?

I don't lack motivation I am just finding it extremely hard to lose any weight despite trying so hard. I am second week in and had a bit of an alcohol lapse at the weekend which is a rarity for me. :cry:

That's it moan over and here's to hopefully losing some weight!! The forum has already been so so helpful in getting me back into SW after years of being obsessed with Rosemary Conley's 5% fat rule!!!!! :)
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Hello Christine, welcome to the forums!
It's incredibly frustrating when you know that you're doing everything you possibly can, yet can't see any changes week after week. i've been there!!! You will probably have to give your body a few weeks to settle down with the new diet before you start seeing results, but I am sure they will come. very best of luck to you!!! :)


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I think your trainer is right re RC and a lot of exercise. SW seems better for this as there's always free food available.

I have considered weighing myself every two weeks - I'm an online member so this is possible. If weighing once a month suits you best then personally I would say go for it and maybe measure yourself also since exercise can sometimes make you smaller before it makes you lighter. As a slow loser myself with a lot of small gains or STS in between losses despite staying 100% on plan, I completely sympathise with your frustration.

Of course you never know, you might not be a slow loser with SW once your body settles with it. If you do a lot of exercise I really think plenty of free food and using up your syns is the way forward. The body needs fuel and if it doesn't get it will resort to underhanded tactics to protect itself. Good luck! :)
Thanks for that, I think I will have to weigh myself every month. I just can't do it to myself every week anymore. Too many mornings nearly throwing the scales out of the bedroom window and then being in a childish strop all day!!!!

I honestly do think now that I wasn't eating enough as over the Easter hols (I'm a teacher) I came off any diet altogether and actually felt so much better and a bit slimmer judging my clothes!! Of course I can't carry on not dieting as I'll turn into a whale but it did make me feel better....

Going to have a go of the Extra Easy days this week now I know what it is.

How much does online cost if you don't mind me asking? It may be a good option for me!

Thanks again

I am new too! Hopefully we can support each other on our journeys!!


Paleo maintenance rocks!
S: 200lb C: 137lb G: 150lb BMI: 20.8 Loss: 63lb(31.5%)
christineedge said:
How much does online cost if you don't mind me asking? It may be a good option for me!
I can't remember now. :( but if you go to their website all the prices are there. As an online member you can buy all the books without paying over the odds like on eBay which is nice! I think a lot of people don't renew after the initial three months but if you decide to it's cheaper than the first time.

I can definitely relate to wanting to chuck the scales out of the window. I really would like to weigh less often but part of me worries that then if it all went wrong I wouldn't know. There's no winning eh! :D
No I know exactly what you mean. People keep saying to me, well how will you know?! And it is easier to fall off the wagon only weighing monthly (I ate a biscuit this morning :() But I don't lack motivation to lose weight so I just have to be patient - let's face it I didn't put the weight on in a week!! I suppose it is a very personal thing although I am dreading weighing myself after the first month (done 2 weeks so far!) because of that feeling of reliance on the numbers that I get obsessed with!!

Thank you, I checked their website. It's £20 off at the moment I think!



Paleo maintenance rocks!
S: 200lb C: 137lb G: 150lb BMI: 20.8 Loss: 63lb(31.5%)
Don't worry too much about the biscuit, that's what our syns are for. :) I really do find I lose better and stick to the plan more easily when I have them!

If you're two weeks in to not weighing and feeling good about it that's great, certainly sounds like you are motivated. :) I think as you said before we get some indication by how clothes are fitting etc.
Just to let you know I weighed and it was 2.5lbs lost (that's the last two weeks) so a total of 4.5lbs. Couldn't stick to the monthly weigh in I was too desperate to know ha ha!!! :)

Finding it easier now. I do worry I'm eating too much cheese (sticking to amounts for HEXA) but perhaps it's because I'm not used to eating cheese at all!!

:) thanks for support!


Paleo maintenance rocks!
S: 200lb C: 137lb G: 150lb BMI: 20.8 Loss: 63lb(31.5%)
That's great news, well done! :D did you go for online membership in the end?

And I wouldn't have lasted a month either! LOL :)
Thanks I felt a bit disappointed this morning but I'm a slow loser so I don't know why I was surprised! No I didn't go for it in the end I decided to do it myself. I thought I'd never be able to get Rosemary Conley 5% fat rule out of my head but it's well and truly gone and I'm finding SW easy to manage!!

Thank you for the support again this site has been a god send :)

hollys nan

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I am a slow loser too and actually joked to my c during I T that I would be better weighing in every 2 weeks. I have a good week (2lbs) next week O.5lbs) and thats how its been for about 7 weeks now!. I am always 100% on plan and find it so frustrating when others glug wine etc and go out for meals off plan and then say"on I only lost 2 lbs"!!! So unfair, but I understand its just my pattern now, and so long as I am having the good losses along the not so good I am OK with it. Plus I am only 4.5lbs off target so I am only having 5 syns and it does get harder as you near target. Stick with it, you will get there, remember the tortoise won the race, not the hare!

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