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New to forums and CD

Hi there everyone. I am very new to forums but i have been reading everyone's inspirational stories and they are really spurring me on. I have quite a bit of weight to lose and have decided to do something about it. I have my first appt with a cdc tomorrow but as my bmi is over 40 i had to have my certificate signed by a doctor. I asked doctor to sign form as i have no medical conditions and i am fit and healthy but they charged me £15 to do it, is this normal. :confused: Any way looking forward to my first appt tomorrow and getting started.:) I will let you know how it all goes!!
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Hello there and welcome on board.....

Not sure if the 15 pound thing is normal or not... but I suppose a small price to pay to join the best diet in the world eh.....

So when ya starting the diet????

I'm off to bed now... but will keep me eyes peeled for ya tomorrow...

Good luck with your CDC tomorrow... you won't regret it !!!!

Nite nite
Thanks you are right about small price to pay. I am hoping to start diet early next week but will come on tomorrow to say how first appt went.
Goodnight off to bed too!:)


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Hi toothfairy,
My understanding is that anyone with a BMI of over 35 is ADVISED to consult their doctor'Doctor before starting the diet as is everyone.Doctor's are only asked to confirm what you have stated on your form is accurate.They are not asked for a medical opinion on whether the diet is suitable for you.Charging £15 for an "autograph" says more about your Dr's interest in their bank balance than their interest in your health health.Yes signing loads of forms is a pain but as the banks are finding out does the real cost merit the charges...£15 for less than a seconds work..make your own mind up...



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Hi Toothfairy!

Welcome!:wavey: It is now a mandatory requirement to obtain a GP's signature/stamp if anyone has a bmi of 40 or above wishing to do CD. Below bmi 40 is always advised, but not mandatory unless on prescribed medications or having health conditions. Unfortunately, many surgeries do charge for this, calling it an "admin fee". I totally disagree with it when it is for someone wishing to achieve weight loss. I can understand for signing passports, etc, but until someone lets me live at No.10, I can't see things changing soon! I've heard of my clients being charged between £5 - 25, but the one that shocked me was a Doc wanting £65 just to sign MRF!!:eek: I thought at first he was willing to pay for her first weeks supply too for that!!!:rotflmao:
Good luck, and hopefully you'll agree that £15 isn't so bad once you start seeing the fab results you'll get!


methenie from london.
welcome !!!

and if £ 15 its a price to get access to this diet ...> go on !!!!

i did try lot off diet and believe me this one is the best !
a new start and a new life ..

you will get support from here and dont hesitate to put your questions here and ask also your concellor ..

today is a first day ?
keep focus on .
nell xxx

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