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Extra Easy New to here and SW

Dear All,

The time had arrived for me to start doing something about my weight.

I am a 32 year old bloke, do a bit of sport, eat too much food and drink too much wine. I am also getting married next year which means life-long photos. Myself and my Fiance joined Slimming World last night and are hoping it is for us. After looking on here I thought I would say a quick hello. One other thing; my doc prescriped me Xenical to help speed up the process. There appears to be very little information on doing this alongside SW? Anyone else doing this? Being a bloke I am very impatient with my weight loss and hope I will see results relatively quickly (with hard work of course).

Weighed in at SW last night at 17st 2lbs (how very honest of me writing this down for all to see!!)

Anyway, hello all......
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Hi , good luck with the slimming world, I don't know anything about the medication but do know that sw works and is themost satisfying "diet" I have ever done , thanks for sharing your reasons and starting point and hope it all goes well for you , what day are you weighing in?
There are tons of recipes on here I have made three or four already and had a good loss it's also grreat for getting menu ideas, the eating out guide is a life saver as well as it stops me thinking oh blow it because I don't know the syn value good luck for Thursday mine is monday
Hello and welcome!

I honestly do not think you will need xenical along side sw as all it does is make the fat ahem go through you, and on sw you barely have am fat!

Sw is fantastic i started this eating plan 14 weeks ago at 17stone13 and i now weigh 15stone7 trust me when i say if you stick to the rules it does work, i also have to say i couldn't have done it without the lovely lovely minimins ladies and gents giving me a royal kick up the bum if i stray off track!

There is always someone here to help you good luck on your journey x
Oh i forgot to say if you go into slimming world off topic bit on here there is a thread on xenical that should give you the information you need x
Blue Ross - if you stick to the plan 100% then you will have no need for xenical...Slimming World works, you just need to plan ahead and make sure you have your 1/3 superfree at every meal(and every snack!)

I lasted 3 days with xenical - it's horrible, if you go over 3% fat in your meals, the outcome is not pleasant!
Thanks for responses/ advice etc. One thing I'm still puzzled about is the 1/3 plate super free. For example getting it into breakfast. Can I have omelette with an apple 30 mins later?


Slow and steady...
Thanks for responses/ advice etc. One thing I'm still puzzled about is the 1/3 plate super free. For example getting it into breakfast. Can I have omelette with an apple 30 mins later?
Technically, you should have the apple first then the omelette otherwise the SF isn't incorporated into the meal.

But until your weight loss slows down/stops you can get away with it...

You won't need the Xenical when you're on SW, it won't make any difference to the weight loss as you'll be eating far less fat anyway and believe me you will NOT like the side effects in the bathroom. :sick0019: If there's one thing to motivate you to cut the fat it's Xenical. :rolleyes:
I have lost my slimming mojo and need some help to get back on track. Any ideas out there? I started well with 2/3 pounds per week, then a few real life things, eg birthdays, work do's , people visiting etc. now hard to get back focused as old habits are kicking in!!

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