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New to Lipotrim--help!



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are you having enough water? I know if I feel hungry I have a couple of sips and the feeling kinda goes away

brilliant 13lb loss, just think that's nearly a stone in a week
I'm sure you can do it!


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi district

Sorry to hear you are finding it a bit tough....actually, yes, it does get easier. I remember at the beg when everyone was saying they never felt hungry...BUT I DID :-0 Always...but I just got used to it. Now, 9 weeks on, I can say "hand on heart" I actually never feel hungry!

maybe I have just resigned myself to realising I cant, so my mind has switched off. That is not to say I dont drool when I see my hubby eating on occasions :)

You have done incredibly well, and you have a few more days to WI 2..that might spur you on.

There seems to be a trend, where people have a few blips a few weeks in. Maybe it is the fact that there is a huge weight loss at the beg and then impatience starts to worm its way in!

Hang in there....oh, are you drinking enough water....that seems to do the trick as you drink enough to sink a small tanker! Maybe make yourself black coffee/tea (if you like them) or even peppermint tea...I often have one during the day as it just seems to perk me up a little.

Hope it gets easier for you, but if you read some of the threads on here, you may find other things to help you along the way.

Take care


Life is not a Rehersal!
A wee tip.
Get yourself 1 ltr bottles of water..I have loads at home now! But, then I refill them every day.
I usually start drinking from a 1 ltr bottle as soon as I get up and carry this into work with me. I take another 2 x 1 litre bottles and 2 x 500ml bottles to work and that takes me to the 4ltrs....then I know I can have another 500ml in the evening if I want.

It just helps to know how much you are drinking as well..it is tought at the beginning but you will eventually feel quite thirsty if you havent sipped for a while. Well, I do..I even hate it if I go to the shops without a bottle as I seem really dry in the mouth if I havent sipped within 15 mins.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for encouragement, it really helps to talk to those who know.
I don't think I'm drinking enough, I'll just go and hook up to the tap!

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