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New to lipotrim

Hi madmum welcome aboard....its hard but worth it!! this forum is a god send just come on here when your feeling tempted theres always someone hanging around to give advice and support answer questions and just for a chat!!!:) but then 4 children will keep you busy lol!! drink as much water as you can and you'll be fine....good luck:)
hi and welcome,good luck with tommorow,i started on monday,i wont say its easy cos it aint but it is easier than i thought it would be,it might be day 2 when u will be wanting food (it was 4 me)even if its just 1 grape dont give into the temptation,once u r over the first couple of days your body kind of adapts,the cravings r still there but u learn to ignore them, good luck xxx:clap:
good luck .. a few bits of advise for you .. drink lots of water ... the first 4-5 days are tough, but get through them and it starts to get easier ... the shakes may taste aweful for the first few days .. but believe me they get loads better as your taste buds change .. your breath will start to stink from about day 4 , its normal and you a=can use listerine origanal mouthwash and listerine strips ( you can only get these on e bay at the moment !!)

God luck
Good luck, its my 2nd day today, its not easy but as michelle said its not impossible if your focused you,ll be fine. Im drinking so much water, have a bottle beside me at all times, wards off the pangs. And if your thinking oh i cant do this at any point come online and look at some of the sucess stories they motivate no end, and all the amazing ppl on here give great advive and encouragment. Heres to a slimmer 2010, good luck xxx


Size 14 here i come!
:welcome2:and good luck!:D
Welcome. It is hard at first but so worth it. LT is the best diet I have ever done and just wish I had found it earlier instead of being miserable for so long. This forum and everyone on it will get you through any hard times. Good luck x x x
Welcome and goodluck!


Size 14 here i come!
Which flavour you trying first then?
lol i know how u feel,that first gulp of the shake,all u can taste is the chalkiness of it,but i do think its mostly in the mind,if u r thinking ewww this is gonna be disgusting then its more than likely u wont like it,the taste does get better as the days go on,i have found that i like strawberry 1 best and the chocolate 1 is nice as a hot chocolate with sweetner xx good luck hun


Size 14 here i come!
The vanilla is.....ok and the strawberry is nice but a little too sweet for me to have on a reg basis BUT the choc one is lovely. Try and make ur drinks with ice cold water or crushed ice. U can add a spoonful of coffee to vanilla if you want. Try them in different ways youmay find one you love, btw tell your hubby he's right, lol I lost mine!!

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