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New to Lipotrim

Hey there
Ive just started the Lipotrim program this week, today being my 5th day!:eek:
I have done it once before but i think i only manged 2/3 days.
I have just come across the forum and cant belive the amout of fantastic results you have all made. It has certanly give me support.

I didnt actually realise how food has dominated my whole life, and now im learning to change it. Like i said im not even a week through yet but i really want to loose weight this time.....
i hope it gets easier, i still crave food, however i dont think im actually hungry (which has been the story of my life, haha) so im just drinking lots of water and hoping for the best.
My weight to start was 20st.5lb and im 5.3ft so a long way to go:sigh:
I just hopei can do it.
Just bought a wii fit too to spur me along
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Well done you are doing great!!
I have just joined up here today.
The first week is always the hardest, I'm on my second week, doing Target Slim, same kind of thing as Lipotrim..

It does get easier, keep up the good job!!


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welcome and don't think long term take each day/week at a time, I also target a stone at a time, so it looks like i'm nearing my target but not really I could lose easily another 5-6 stone but i'm not giving myself a final weight I will see how I look/feel good luck and keep drinking the water and posting!!!


Back on the diet train...
hey hun im on my 4th day. im the same height as u an got alot to lose 2. :eek:

like blodwen said take each day/week as it comes an mayb set urself small realistic targets like gettin through 1st week,losin 1stone etc. its helpin me. :)

this is a tough diet but if u stick wiv it, drink the water the results will b great (my mum lost 4 stone in under 4 mths):D

good luck




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Welcome and Good Luck on your journey hunny. Just stick with it once you get past the first few days it gets easier. This forum is also a fantastic lifeline too xxx


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welcome and like the others have said take it in small steps from one weight in til the next thats how i do it i was 3 weeks in and broke it (chicken & chips from the chipper :( )but ive now set myself a new challange that if i survive the week without eating or picking i get to treat myself and im going to simply buy myself a good face cream as i dont want to buy clothes yet but the diet does work i lost a lot before i just didnt change my eating habbits so therefore i put it all back on so im here again i also keep a diary so i can try andfigure my low points were i want to eat and what triggers it plus after ive lost the weight i want to keep the diary so i never put it back on and i know im rambling here but ive picked out a fab dress and top i want for my hols this year but only if i can get to my target weight i have them stuck beside my pc to encourage


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just keep saying to yourself one more day just one more thats how i start out with it,,it will get easier i promise u could wake tomorrow feeling great
yesterday i woke feeling great, i thought yes ive got over it haha. and today i could eat my own arm haha...thank god for this site thats all i can say


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yesterday i woke feeling great, i thought yes ive got over it haha. and today i could eat my own arm haha...thank god for this site thats all i can say
i know some days can just be like thative just made everyones dinner (chicken curry and rice ) and there all at a match and im very tempted to pick out a bit of chicken wash off the curry and eat it but i wont cause i want a good weight loss this week so i just logged on here instead but i can no longer leave left overs in my fridge in case i pick i just dont want the temptation there just in case seriously how sad am i to even think of washing off the curry the men in white coats will be on there way shortly lol


Back to reality!
Welcome and good luck!
T x

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