new to lipotrim


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Hello and welcome , im onmy 3rd day today have been brilliant until lastnight however im very strong minded so will power on , great loss for your first weigh in xx


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Well done on a great start, sounds like you have the right attitude, good luck with the rest of your journey.


Here we go again!
Hi, I'm new as well. Started on 3rd January 2009 and lost 14lbs in my first week. Really pleased. Long way to go but determined to get there. Found this site really encouraging and will be visiting a lot in the future.


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congrats all, I am getting my lipotrim today to start for the first time.. the losses are very encouraging.. not looking forward to the three day slump but will fight through it, good luck all xxx


Starting 13/01/09

Hi to all.
I can't believe i'm back doing this but I have to.....:break_diet:
Anyhow my stats are below and ready for morning.... Pharmacist weren't totally supportive though- so was a bit disappointed.... Anyhow- best of luck for all doing this in 2009- its really not easy:8855:

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S: 17st12lb C: 16st12lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 38.1 Loss: 1st0lb(5.6%)
why wasnt the pharmasist supportivex best of luck with it x


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Hi all (waves) welcome to the forum :)
Congrats on your loss :)


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Well done - what a great weight loss in ur 1st wk ...

seeing the scales go down really helps keep you motivated

rainbow brite

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Welcome and good luck :) x

blue eyes

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:welcome: to newcomers janedee1978, daisy, beathebulgebabe, tasha2000 and cilla557.

I have restarted today to lose my final 2.5 stone. I will get through the first 5-6 days by telling myself I will be in ketosis soon and will feel much better. Keep with it for brilliant results.

I lost my first 3 stone in 10 weeks in september and have not regained, even though I went on hol and time off for xmas.



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Hiya Me Sexy Little Mate, :D (JaneDee)

Like I said in my text a Huge Well Done on Your Fab 8lb.. :party0038:

Minimins is Just the best Website & is full of supportive & friendly people.

I am sure once you settle in you will love it..



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Hi there, welcome and grats on your loss!


Feeling fab!
Welcome to minimins and great news on your weight loss.
Hello to all the newbies, this is a great site and there is always someone close by to give advice and support.Good luck to all on your LT journey.


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Well done on your weight loss great start

I did Lipotrim for only 1.5 weeks in Oct & stopped bcos i was really sick on it. Good luck with your journey


im in my first week aswell, finding it hard at times but managing not cheat which is really for me, not even licked a crisp, lol. good luck :)


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Welcome and good luck to all you newbies. LT really is the best and, if you stick to it, you will love the results!



Is a loser :)
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Hi, I must be an oldie now....been at it for 4 weeks! had a fab start, though xmas and NY and the weekend just gone posed big challanges but I still managed to lose and now focused completely 100% on Lipotrim. Got my 4th Weigh in tomorrow, hope for a loss what ever it is because I know from now on the loses will be greater as i would have focused completely and followed it to the letter.

Good luck new starters, I 'm looking forward to being in 'keto' i feel wonderful when I am and able to cope with anything.