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New to LL !!


I will do this!
welcome to this forum, you will find in invaluable and welcome to LL. I'm sure there will be quite a few new starters in January, I'm a September starter and still going strong! Good luck on your first week, just remember it passes and then you will be in ketosis
hi there
good luck with your start - i started on Jan 6th last year!
daisy x


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Good luck both of you. Next Christmas will feel very different to this for you if you get your heads down and stick to the rules. (I find it easier to stick to them than to try and bend them anyway) - I am not yet at goal and have stuck to abstinence through this christmas but it is worth it - last Christmas I was uncomfortable and self concious and wearing tent like black clothes over size 30. Now I'm in size 14 jeans and wore a fab knee length bright orange H&M dress on Christmas day in a size 16. Next Christmas I will have been at goal for most of the year and will be able to eat and drink (in a bit more of a balanced way than in the past) - It is the best thing I have ever done for myself, worth every penny and every hardship. You will find the same too. All the very best of luck to you and everyone starting this wonderful life changing journey.
Thats great thank, and maybe we can help eachother out Richard? I'm not sure whether i'm to carry on going to the gym as normal once i start? The one thing i will struggle with is alcohol as every other weekend my daughter goes to her father and my partner and i go down the pub for the footy :) Now i'll have to stay at home to avoid temptation !! :(


I will do this!
my advice would be to stay at home that first week, that was he hardest for me. But then don't deprive yourself from social events. I went out to everything I have been invited to, including lots of pub trips and even out clubbing for a mates birthday. I stuck to my sparkling water with fruit flavourings, and yes I did get questions and I was either truthful or said I was driving or on anti-biotics. Do what works for you, but my advice is if you don't keep up your social things you enjoy then this will be harder. Good luck and post on here, it will help lots x
Thanks Gemma, for the first 10 days my daughter will be with me anyway and i'll be stuck into it by then. My partner is being very supportive and said we would find other things to do like going out walking etc so that will help x


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Hey Claire

Seasons Greetings, I just wanted to welcome you to the board and wish you the best of luck on your journey. The diet is wonderful and it sounds like you have great support.

I'm sooooooo ready to start Rich, and so excited too. I know it won't be easy but i'm determined to do it this time :)
good luck ......... i am a LL refresher .... started today but first LL meet is on the 4th ......... I did LL 2 yrs ago .... lost 3 st ... anyway ... keep your head down for the first week ..... i felt flu like on day 3 so don't plan much then ....... i will be watching ...so be good xx
Welcome and good luck! I did not experience any ill effects in the first few days. Make sure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Good luck!

Kat xx

Hi Claire, I live in Sunningdale and am due to start at the Chobham LL on the 12th of Jan but am trying to find somewhere local that starts earlier, what programme are you doing and where?
Hi Karen,

I'm starting the main LL and it's the clinic in windsor, if you put in SL4 it will show up with the details and the counsellor is Sally.

Thanks for all your info and support, it's so nice to see people have done well on this plan :)
Hi Karen, i got your email but the link crashes when i click on it. Have added your on the facebook (i think) but if i got the wrong person try and find me :)