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New to mini mins :) x

Hi, new to mini mins.. trying to work this all out.. Started SW 5 weeks ago and already i feel like giving up. Going to weigh tommorow if i havent lost any then i am seriously going to consider given up. I was on cambridge previously and got on with that well until i had a break from it and then couldnt get back into it. I lost weight quickly on that. with this diet it seems like i am getting no where. :( x
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Hi and Welcome to Minimins and SW
Dont give up.......... SW really is a FAB *diet* Its not a diet at all. Embrace the change of eating habits and a new life of losing weight AND eating and never being hungry. Ok SW maybe a slower way to lose weight than the meal replacement diets etc BUT SW can be for life.
At sometime with meal replacement diets you have to get back on to eating real food again, and i'm guessing thats when there is every opportunity to put the weight back on.
With SW you can eat real food and lose weight. All your favourites can be SW adapted.
Some of the things we have here are
spaghetti carbonarra
cottage pie
spag bol
Stir fry
chilli con carne
meatballs and spaghetti
Roast dinner
Rice pudding
Black forest gateau
Apple strudle
Chocolate mousse

Now with all that on offer how can you give up??


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In my humble opinion CD is a quick-fix option, whereas sw will help you get slim, and stay slim for aslong as you stick to it :) If you aren't losing hun, you musn't nbe following it right - try posting everything you eat in the diary section for the experienced sw-ers to look at, they can help you and point out whats wrong:) I don't think i would get through sw without mini mins - the constant support and cheering people on, aswell as ideas for meals and snacks - i love it!!! Good luck and see you around! please dont give up! xxxx
i am going to try.. i think it might help if i get myself into using this site.. looks good my friend uses it and finds it real good .. just seems all over the place at the moment. im sure i will work it out. my mum and brother are doing to and seem to be loosing it alot faster. i am not putting on any weight just dont a couple of pound a week.
some foods i can never find out what there values are is there any easy way i can find this?
thanks for your support guys x


My belly this will be!
Must be a bit annoying when you are doing it with other people and they lose and you don't. :(

Weight tends to drop off men quicker - in this house anyway. My husband kept insisting that he WASN'T on a diet but I noticed that he kept following my lead and using frylite to fry and cutting fat off meat etc and lo an behold he dropped a stone in about 6 weeks. Grrr.

It's really difficult not to compare yourself with others but you need to get determination on your side and that will carry you through when the others have maybe lost more than you. Also if you lose less quickly you may be more likely to keep it off so it may turn out that they get to their goal weight before you and then when you are still going down to your target weight they may give up and start going back up again!

Chins up and keep at it.:)

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