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New to Minimins, an experienced yo-yo-er

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Sylver, 30 September 2011 Social URL.

  1. Sylver

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    Slimming World
    I think this is where I'm meant to introduce myself so here goes:

    I've always been overweight, from childhood, getting worse in my teens and ever since. Joined Unislim in 2000, lost 4 stone but gained it all back once I gave up going to classes (the class leader came into my job when I missed a week and embarassed me in front of everyone and I never went back)

    Did Weightwatchers a couple of years after that and lost a couple of stone again but put it all on again when I gave up again.

    Last did WW about 5 years ago, did it for a year exactly and weighed the same at the end of the year as I did when I started and I hated the classes, used to come out crying most weeks as I felt so fed up and humiliated.

    I had a medical problem with my back for the last 2 years on and off which has meant my weight has ballooned. Had an operation in July and so now getting back to light exercise, which is mostly walking (treadmill or outdoors) and exercise bike.

    I joined Slimming World online as I liked the idea of not having to count points, etc like WW. Feel a bit ripped off because for €75 I thought I'd be getting books, etc in the post (it asked for my address so I assumed I'd be getting sent something!) but I emailed them and was told that I'm not gonna be receiving anything, just have to make do with the printouts from the site and try to figure it out for myself. Waste of money IMO! There's no class in my area so that's why I opted for online.

    I have ALOT of weight to lose - 10 stone and it's really depressing thinking that best case scenario that will probably take 2.5 - 3 years to shift. That, to me, is 3 years of deprivation and feeling totally fed up so I'm not looking forward to it!

    But, something has to be done and I can't afford a gastric band so here I am.
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  3. PeteDonnelly

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    i'm pretty new to all this dieting thing too, only 2 weeks in and not eating all the high calorie stuff and eating low carbs i joined a gym too and pretty much walk to college every day i weigh more than you and i think within a year i can definitly lose all the weight i need to if i put hard work into it as i hear from some people you can't just wish it away you have to put 100% into it which i'm willing to do i may start weighing my self but i'm not sure, and if you don't enjoy it just think ahead maybe in a years time you'll have a whole new wardrobe of clothes and you won't be so paranoid of what people think of you i for one can't wait for the future me. good luck to you :)
  4. phonicshunny

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    slimming world
    hi there,
    your storey touched my heart, 1st thing dont be daunted by how much you want to lose, brake it down into smaller amounts, i did 7lb each time or wanna lose 3lb by a certain date, its not so daunting and more manageable.
    Hubby is in the same boat as you he is doing SW with me and since 12th February this year have lost 4st 9lb so far, 4st 5lb to go!! So it CAN be done
    Good luck with your journey keep us posted :D
  5. IreneH

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    Hi and welcome. Good luck with SW.

    Irene xx
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