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New to MiniMins!!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by cj.rock-rocks, 10 July 2011 Social URL.

  1. cj.rock-rocks

    cj.rock-rocks New Member

    Hi, after joining slimming world many years ago, I have decided to loose a few pounds before my hols ..... only to find its all changed ...... Extra Easy? ... how does this work?? I wasn't intending to join a class, but think I might have to in order to understand the changes .... this website is great, very useful .... but STS ??? can someone let me know what this stands for? ..... I've obviously got alot to learn!!

    After 4 weeks I have lost 7 lbs (loosing 5 lbs in the first week) .... so as much as I am pleased overall I would like to loose a little more a little faster :) .... I dont tend to have many syns (if any) is this where I am going wrong ... but surely more syns means more calories? and at my age (49) my metabolic rate is slowing down :( I do exercise (enjoy swimming 3 times a week, any more than this I build muscle, always have) .....

    I think I need some serious advice don't you?? :wave_cry: ..... looking forward to your comments, have a good day x
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  3. Clairebear1000

    Clairebear1000 A determined Bear

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    Hi, and welcome :)
    You can still follow the Green and Red plan if you like. Extra Easy just means that you can have free foods from both days, but only one Healthy A and one Healthy B. You also have eat 1/3 superfree (i.e veg and fruit) with each meal. And of course you have the usual syns allowance.

    STS= Stayed the Same :)

    Have a look on the forum for some advice on speed foods to boost your weight loss, and for new members etc to check you are following the plan correctly.

    Also on a membership note, Bella magazine are currently offering a membership deal- Slimmingworld.com/bella
    So if you don't want to join a group, you could join online. You get great support on there :)

    AND everyone on here will help you!
    Good luck :) xxx
  4. kerry2285

    kerry2285 Silver Member

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    Hiya, I'd definitely recommend going to a class and getting an up dated pack and the extra easy plan explained.

    It's also really important to eat your syns each day, use them in sauces, a small treat, extra slice of bread etc its recommended to eat 10-15 syns a day so use them and enjoy them as they are apart of the plan :)

    There's a big thread on here explaining the new plans but I'm on my phone so can't link it, hopefully someone else will come along soon with it.

    Good luck and welcome back to sw :)

    Ps- STS mean stayed the same as in weight wise. Hope that helps x
  5. Aston

    Aston Full Member

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    I'm sure the syns are part of it and important for a lot of people, and I know people still get great losses when using all of them, but to be honest I don't ever have more than 5 syns and I don't go hungry either, I eat loads I just personally don't see the point in eating food with syns when there's food without it, when I'm trying to get to target. It's just going to take longer to lose the weight, the more syns I have.

    Whichever way anyone choses to lose their weight (Slimming World, Weight Watchers etc) if you choose an apple over a chocolate bar (even if they're 'allowed') you're going to lose weight faster, and it's still sustainable because you're not going hungry, you're still snacking, you're just being a bit clever about it. I'd rather get the weight loss over and done with, then enjoy a few syns when I'm maintaining.

    I know it's not so black and white for a lot of people either, but I just think eating the syns for the sake of the numbers rather than using them as a kind of safety net when you've had something or want something that isn't so saintly is only going to make your losses slower, which is the last thing anyone wants.

    That's just me though, it's whatever works for you in the end.

    Also, I'd recommend going to a group, because friends and family I know that are doing their own diet, or sticking to a plan like this or WW but doing it at home, they never get the losses that people going to a group do. It's strange but just knowing that you're going somewhere to stand on the same, reliable scales every week, at the same time without excuses can really help (I find it does anyway). Also, if you're paying for it, you may as well get the stickers :)

    Good luck
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