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If your findind it hard to loose the pounds try joining a weight loss group like slimming world? Try and stay determined eat healthy and loads o exercise! But don't let yourself not have any treats try a treat on a Sunday evening or during the week. Hope this helped and hope you get on well.


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moved out of my parents home 4 months ago and piled on the weight. I've. joined the gym but can't stay motivated to go and I love my food. need some serious help.

I know exactly what your going through and the only thing that helped me was going to a slimming group and finding a gym buddy. I found that just cutting down on crisps and choc helped me to loose weight and doing things like walking and parking further away from shops got me fitter xx Good Luck xxx

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Welcome to the forum mate, what sort of stuff are you eating? Is it nibbly comfort food or is take aways? You find that Slimming World has both of those things covered ;)
decide what you want to do and let us know and keep yourself on here, and we will do our best to support you ;) good luck ;)


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Hey everyone, Im new to this site! Thought an online forum could really help to keep me focussed. Joined SW a few years ago and loved it- lost 3 and a half stone! Then my relationship with my fiance ended (best choice I EVER made) and then I maintaned my weight for ages! I became a new person- yippee!
Anyway, I met my current boyfriend last February and fell deeply and madly in love - but this had a knock on effect and I expanded once more! Im determined to lose more weight this time and KEEP IT OFF!!!!

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Week 5-8 lost 7lb
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Wk 14- aiming for a big loss this week!!!