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New to pro points :)

Hello, my names Robyn am 20 and I am trying to loose 2 and half stone.

I had my first meeting on Monday and started my diet yesterday. I weight 11 stone 9 on Monday.

I have always been very slim never had a problem with my weight but after a stressfull year I have put on 2 stone. and I am determined to do something about it now rather than leave it until it is too late.

My mum had a gastric band fitted last year and she is doing really well, but I look at her and think I don't want to let myself get to the point were I am so depressed and unhappy with my body that I have to resort to surgery. So bring on the diet.

So far I feel okay (it's only day 2 thou) I still feel hungry thou. I think I could eat a horse thou tehe :) ohh and I have been allocated 29 points.

I am just looking for some support guidance and some helpful tip if any body has any. And tbh sometime it just helps to write things down.

Well thank you Robyn ;) xx
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Overweight or undertall?!
hi robyn and :welcome:

you'll find lots of advice and support on this forum every step of the way and there is always someone around to share your highs and lows with (hopefully you'll have no lows!)

all the best with your weight loss journey xx
Well I have had a great day today :) just back from a 2 hour session at the gym. I am goosed :p just about to put some tea on beef hot pot and loads of veg me thinks.

Starting to look forward to my weigh in so I can see if this diet is right for me ..... Hopefully

Hello again ...:)

Been a great day only because I had a sneaky peek at the scales today hehe won't say how much just now until I go to my meeting and have it in my book because it dosnt count until then lol but it's looking good. I am very happy and shocked at the amount.

For just cutting out the rubbish and watching your portions and some exercise now and then its an amazing difference. Not only in my weight but also my mood :)

Am having to change the day I go due to work so it means I am
Adding 2 days on to this weeks one.... I just want to get weight lol

Ohh and have you tried the ww cookies they are amazing fills that little hole and only 2 points for the 2 cookies yum yum ....


Overweight or undertall?!
well done, sounds like it is going well x

i love the cookies but if i am having a 2 point snack i tend to go for a ww caramel wafer or ww rich toffee bar (you can probably tell i crave chocolate lol)
Welcome Robyn, glad you are enjoying the propoints so far. Well done on getting buzy in the gym . Exercise is my one down fall but I am determined to get back to the gym next week.. Keep it up and the weight will drop off :D
Ano dosnt matter how hard u try I seem to crave chocolate aswell lol but I have not tried they ones so might try that next time hehe and u dnt feel naughty after it aswell which is always a bonus use to feel like I was letting myself down having chocolate or crips but not now :)

Thanks very much yeah it not nice thinking about going but when u get to the gym you can surprise yourself how much energy you actualy have :) yeah get back to the gym it makes u have such a better mood which means even more energy and then more workouts. Win win lol :) I try to go straight from work that way I don't go home and get comfy then you can't be bothered. Xx
Thanks very much guys was very chuffed with that.

2lb is realy good well done and congrats on the wee one :) am sure u will do good it's so easy to follow. My clothes are actuly starting to hang off me already lol!

bit of a nightmare for my weigh ins over next few weeks coz I will be in London filming so will have to go different days every week a hope they don't mind :) x
Thanks chicken hehe am so chuffed can't believe how well I am taken to it :)

Notice ur off to ocho Rhios :) a went there last year is absolute amazing !! :) had a ball there and there is so much to do the hotel is massive :) when do u go? Am going to Dominican this year instead but still using the same chain of hotel :) x


Overweight or undertall?!
we go at the end of september, my oh is 40 this year and wanted to be on a beach instead of in rainy england lol

it will be our third time to ocho rios, last couple of times stayed at couples but needed a cheaper holiday this year!

we have been to dom rep a couple of times but not to a riu there, when do you go? x
Hi Robyn :) here to follow ur progress! ;) xx
Sorry not been able to be on because I have been in London filming all week.

I go to Dom on 30 of June :) can't wait and got a new bikini for it today and looks so nice on realy happy.

Thanks for following me Carly :)

I have found this week quite hard because I have been in London I didn't realy find any food I like and that I could eat so decided to have nothing instead. It was very difficult was so good to come home and tuck into some decent food. Also because I have been away I have not been able to go to the gym either so that's been hard aswell. So not looking forward to this weight in. Don't think I have put anything on but not lost nearly as much as I wanted to this week :(

I shall keep updated thou :) xx
Good luck for WI! Exciting about hol and bikini :) x

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