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New to re-feed and a few Q's


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Hey everyone, well I started re-feed last night as i am going on holiday in 12 days, and OMG did that chicken and salad taste goooooooooooooood!

A couple of Q's on the re-feed sheet it says evening sandwich/snack do we have to have this or is it optional?

When can I start having things like gravy and sauces?

and any other advice anyone can give me will be muc appreciated thank you in advance.

Jo xxxxx
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IMO- I'd only have the snack if you feel you need it? This period is all about re-educating yourself to listen to your body- not your head when it comes to eating, if that makes sense? So if you feel your body needs the extra energy, and will burn it off, then go ahead. If not, then leave it. I don't see the sense in unnecessary eating?

As for sauces/gravy's, I maintained for 3mths and pretty much avoided them? Again, if I felt I could do without them, then I didn't 'need' them, as they're really just a calorie-laden 'extra'?
I only had gravy once, and that was at a sit-down function where it came out already on the meat. For sauces/dressings, if I 'need' one, I either use a little low-fat soft cheese/yoghurt with herbs & spices, or Extra Light Hellmanns? HTH?

(PS- I hope I don't come across all pious/holier than thou? I certainly was no angel during this time- I ate out (chinese/steakhouse), drank & re-introduced myself to my chocolate demon- but all in moderation! I just tried to be extra-healthy the rest of the time to compensate)


A little of everything!
S: 12st13lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.2 Loss: 1st13lb(14.92%)
I avoided it the first week? Just had tuna or black pepper (boring I know! LOL!) I stuck to low-fat cottage cheese for JP's.


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Irish has it pretty much covered.... avoid sauces, gravies and low fat soft cheese untill after refeed. To do it right just follow the sheet to the letter.

No you dont have to have the snack, only have a snack if you feel like you need it/hungry :)


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Is gravy really that fattening?? Haven't eaten, was just wandering (Sorry to butt in)

The jacket spuds are lovely with natural yoghurt, something I would have never tried pre LT, also sprinkle some herbs on too. It's amazing how adjusted you become to not loading it with fatty products, cheese and butter like I used to, and it actually tastes really nice. I bake mine in the oven until the jacket is really crispy. Yum, yum. You will find you experiment a lot during ur intro food, it may seem basic what we are allowed, but with some imagination, you can make up some really tasty meals.

Good Luck

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