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New to refeed: questions


Never Ever Give Up!
I'm hoping to start to refeed in a couple of weeks as I am nearing the 25-point BMI threshold. Now i'm wondering how long I should refeed for? My hubby and I are both on LT and if we refeed for 2 weeks, how do we progress in week 2. Do we start again with day 1 of the refeed or continue with day 7 for another week?

I've also bought a low-carb cook book so that we can have healthy but low carb meals during the week and have a nice meal out now and again on "bad carb" food. Further we have gotten used to our exercise regime of 6 days per week at the gym and we will continue to do so.

Could you help by giving me some advise on diets after refeed? Will a low-carb, healthy food diet be enough or would you suggest some other diet like WW or Atkins?

Really appreciate your comments and looking foward to refeeding although I SO scared to start eating again! xxx
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Never Ever Give Up!
Quite interesting to see that so many people have read the post but not have responded! :D
Mirjam, refeed is such a puzzle for most people and a scary one at that!

I had scrambled eggs nearly every night for a couple of weeks before my refeed and I never followed it to the letter cos I just can't understand how you can put carbs back into your body and avoid the water weight.....doesn't matter how many times I read the 'science' I still don't get it!

I had two shakes and a mainly protein supper for several weeks, didn't really eat carbs until I went into hospital and after my op I was so I'll that I didn't worry about what I was eating as long as it was nutritious. I did want to follow the Dukan diet but once I started eating fruit again I couldn't bear to pack it in. Now I don't deny myself anything but I count it all on myfitnesspal at the end of the day. I go to the gym 5 or 6 times a week too and count that too.

Hope this helps, I think I may have posted a refeed diary on here somewhere......

Good luck, it is really scary eating again, I will warn you about that!


Never Ever Give Up!
Yay, my first reply! :D:D:D Thanks Sandra, it does help a bit. Will read some more refeed diaries to see if it answers my question. Where would I be without you? :D:D:D xxx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Well done on doing so well. It's so good to be thinking about a plan fir after TFR.
Research a few plans and choose one that suits your lifestyle.
Personally, I followed GL as I intended it to be a plan for life. A year on, I have maintained my TFR losses and added more to the total.
If interested in it there is a Gi/ GL forum on here. Also read anything by Nigel Denby or Patrick Holford. Denby is a lovely easy read.
Lots of luck


Never Ever Give Up!
Thanks Molly, I will have a look into GI/GL.


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Official refeed guidelines are once you have reached day 4 you carry on that day for aslong as you like...so for the remainder of week 1 or carry on for a second week and longer if you like :)

Do you have the refeed sheet? I have it on the comp if you don't x


Never Ever Give Up!
Hi Summergirl, thanks for your reply. Yes, I do have the refeed sheet thanks. Are you on maintenance or have you crossed over to another diet? I'm not sure what to do yet, either low carb, ww or atkins.... why is it so difficult to decide what to do? xx


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
I'm on maintainence chick - although I do count calories I don't consider it a diet as such just a way of keeping me in check :)

Do you still want to lose weight after LT?
If not theres no reason why you can't just go to healthy eating, instead of jumping aboard another diet.

It might take a while to figure out what way of eating works best for you and maintaining, i think some of us here are still trying to work that out too! :giggle: x


Never Ever Give Up!
Yes, I'd like to lose another stone if possible but it's not really necessary. I might just do a low carb diet, the cook book I bought has fab healthy recipes in there and can't wait to try and taste them :D:D:D x


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Oooh ok :) Well just find the diet that best suits your lifestyle. Low carb is always a good one. Your losses so far are fab by the way!

Have you set your refeed date yet?
One thing I found helped alot was to write out my menu for the entire first week and for the second if you are doing more than one week - really helps you stick to it knowing that such and such is for lunch, dinner etc :) xx


Never Ever Give Up!
It depends on my WI tomorrow, if I lose another 5 or 7 lbs then I might not be allowed another week as my BMI would then be around 25.47. If not, then I think another 2 weeks before re-feed... am looking forward to it very much but am scared too!

Yeah, I like your idea re writing the whole week down before you start, thans Summergurl, great tip! :D:D:D


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Youre welcome chick - be sure to let us know on here how you get on at WI tomorrow :) x


Never Ever Give Up!
Of course will I keep you posted tomorrow :) x
Hi well done on your losses so far, when are you planning on re-feeding?

I have only seen your thread, I think the re-feed forum is quite quiet on and off but if ever you dont get a reply, try asking on the maintenance forum, there are always a few of us around there during the day and night.

If you have a look at my thread on the maintenance forum, you will see a complete food list as I have only kept the one diary, just to give you a little bit of an idea of what I ate when I was re-feeding.



Never Ever Give Up!
Hi Kered, thank you for your message, I will definitely check out the maintenance forum :)
I'm not sure, I was planning to start refeed tomorrow but I've still got LT left forup to coming Wednesday so I might as well finish those first x

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