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Discussion in 'SlimFast' started by pinkdiesel, 19 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. pinkdiesel

    pinkdiesel Member

    So starting slim fast tomorrow what should I expect over the next couple of days will I be hungry get headaches thanks
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  3. essexleeb

    essexleeb Member

    Hi Pinkdiesel......I'm just starting my 3rd week, and I've not been hungry at all, in fact most days I struggle to eat me 1200 cals. I had a wobble last Sunday, and really pigged out at a family picnic, and put back on the 2lbs I lost in the first week, but I lost them again this week, so I'm back to where I started! I feel cross with myself for doing that, so will try harder no to fall off the wagon again when there's a "Family Do"!

    I'm a cluster headache sufferer, and very bad migraine's, so I'm on Propranalol daily, to keep them at bay. Luckily, they've been fine since I started on Slim Fast. Let me know how you get along too please.

    One thing that I've noticed I've been doing, is not spreading my food out throughout the day. I have my 1st shake about 10.30, I've not eaten breakfast for years, and find it hard to eat when I first get up. I have a snack 11.30'ish, then I'm not hungry at lunchtime, so have another shake about 2.30, and sometimes, another snack, then that leaves me about 700 calories to get through in the evening. Most of the dinners I do come way under 600cals, so tend to eat several snacks in the evening to get my intake up to 1200. Probably not the best way to do it?

    Keep in touch, there's loads of history on here, hints, tips, and encouragement.... Good Luck

  4. pinkdiesel

    pinkdiesel Member

    Done my first day very surprised I haven't felt hungry hope tomorrow is just has easy
  5. pinkdiesel

    pinkdiesel Member

    Is veg free or do u have to count kcals thanks
  6. lauramumof3

    lauramumof3 Member

    I counted veg, did it on fitness pal, im back on it proper tomorrow 2 weeks till me jollys!
  7. essexleeb

    essexleeb Member

    My Fitness Pal has become my life geru! I upload my intake on my phone when I'm out and about, and on my laptop in the evenings. I love that you can scan barcodes on your phone, and put it straight into my food diary.

    Pinkdiesel, maybe check out My Fitness Pal....its been a great help to me, so I don't go over my 1200 calories.
  8. pinkdiesel

    pinkdiesel Member

    I was doing really well but u had a weekend away didn't get organised and eat the whole weekend and struggled when I got bk home but beem 100% today
  9. Bigbear

    Bigbear Silver Member

    Hi there, another newbie here.
    im starting slimfast on Monday,

    I'm seriously overweight, prob about 10 stone to lose, so going to be a long journey for me.

    Good luck for your weight loss journeys!
  10. Ellejay156

    Ellejay156 Full Member

    Hi big bear. I've been on sf for 2 weeks about now. How are you fining it? I had a bad weekend.
    Went binging :-(
  11. Bigbear

    Bigbear Silver Member

    Hi there,
    realising how important fluid intake, it really makes a difference to hunger.

    days are fine, and at the mo I am not being too harsh on my evening meal, just trying to be vaguely sensible.

    think I have lost 6lbs since Monday!!!! But am so overweight I usually get a good loss in the first week.

    How are you finding it?
  12. essexleeb

    essexleeb Member

    That's a fantastic start, well done you......Have a good weekend :giggle::giggle::giggle::giggle::giggle:
  13. Bigbear

    Bigbear Silver Member


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