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New to slimming world, any starter points??

So, joined slimming world over a week ago( think I had hoped it would steer me away from the easter eggs!) Not quite, but I managed to lose 2lb.
Was hoping I would do better in my first week.

I'm still getting sugar cravings and changing my routine had been hard( just preparing meals from scratch again!!)
I think I had gotten so used to popping a frozen meal in the oven for So long.
I don't want to be fat this summer!
I really have to push myself through the first month as this is where I usually fall down.

Wondering if any of you fellow slimming worlders have any great tips for the first few weeks that I could try out?
Thanks :)
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I replied on the other thread too, but there's something I didn't say there. I have no idea if it's the same, since last time I was with Slimming World it was Green and Red days, and now it's all Food Optimising and Extra Easy, but I seem to remember that the more you eat, the more you lose. Eat the free food. Eat loads of it, especially the fruit and veg. But weigh and measure the HexA and HexB choices.
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Well done on the 2lbs loss for your first week, Easter is always a tough time to start SW, however it's definitely worth the effort. I had sugar cravings and headaches from a lack of sugar when I first started the plan. It took me a week or so to lose the cravings and then I found it much easier to say 'no' to it and make healthier choices. Have you tried using sweetener in your tea/coffee and cereal? It really helped me in the early weeks as I didn't feel like I was going without.

Other advice I would give:
Use your syns wisely, if you fancy chocolate I would recommend the SW Hifi Double Chocolate bars or the Chocca Mocca (both are lush). 3 syns per bar or you can have 2 bars as your HexB choice. I also like a hot chocoate in the evening and find that the Options range is pretty good and low syn too.
Couscous! I love it, it's so filling and really cheap too. I'm a terrible cook so being able to make this up within 5 minutes is life saver.
Drink plenty of water - aim for 2 litres a day. I found that buying myself a refillable water bottle helped me to make sure I drank enough.

I hope this helps, let me know if I can offer further advice.
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Hi. Thank you both for the replies! I've been trying the different plans and this week I managed to lose 3lb on the SP plan!
Didn't follow it religiously but still lost so delighted.
I'm using sweetener Silken ,I agree it helps for sure :)
I also bought the rocky road and orange chocolate Hi fi bars. They are really lovely :)
I am trying to keep my syns within the 5-15 but sti going a not over. . grrrr

Thanks ninasadie for reply too :)
Yes its extra easy and SP in the book now.
The SP is the no pasta rice/potatoes plan but you can have 2 healthy B options. Which seems to be good..
Hoping for a loss next week again, I've a good bit to go, so fingers crossed :)

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